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Inter MAHE Cricket Final – LiveBlog


The LiveBlog for Inter MAHE Cricket Final is now live !


Hitesh Upadhyay November 15, 20159:21 am

Hello everybody and welcome to MIT-A vs MIT-B Live Blog. I am Hitesh Upadhyay and beside me we have Amit Shah and Karan Hiranandani. 

Amit Shah November 15, 20159:22 am

Hello there! The Post is live to you from Sunny side MIT, straight to you from the MIT Cricket Ground with the InterMAHE Cricket Final. It’s sibling rivalry on a grassy turf, with MIT-A facing off MIT-B for the first time in the final in history. So sit tight, relax, and enjoy a great Sunday filled with better cricket.

Hitesh Upadhyay November 15, 20159:25 am

We have Ashutosh Gupta and Prateek Giridhar open for MIT-A.

Karan Hiranandani November 15, 20159:27 am

To all our readers, sprawled on their beds on this lazy Sunday morning, Welcome to the LiveBlog of the Cricket match between MIT-A and MIT-B.

Karan Hiranandani November 15, 20159:29 am

It’s been one over and we’re already on our feet. Ashutosh Gupta has already been sent back to the pavilion, caught at slip by Aakash Jain, bowled by Ayush Singhania. 
One pitch in India where the ball seams, eh?

Hitesh Upadhyay November 15, 20159:30 am

The atmosphere on the field is pretty intense. The fielders all pepped up trying to get into the batsman’s head. Trying to force him to make a mistake.  

Hitesh Upadhyay November 15, 20159:33 am

And we have another wicket.

Hitesh Upadhyay November 15, 20159:34 am

The score after three overs is eight runs for two wickets. MIT-A on the back foot after losing two quick wickets.

Karan Hiranandani November 15, 20159:34 am

Well, the Underdogs seem to be dictating terms right now. Yash Jain has been caught and bowled by Ninad Shetty

Amit Shah November 15, 20159:35 am

The day’s been a little slow for the batsmen, with two wickets falling in quick succession.

Hitesh Upadhyay November 15, 20159:36 am

Amit what do you feel about the aggressive field set? 

Karan Hiranandani November 15, 20159:37 am

So much for playing on Indian wickets. It’s been a bowler’s track so far

Amit Shah November 15, 20159:38 am

Well, these guys are wearing white but no one wants to take things lying down. 

Amit Shah November 15, 20159:41 am

It’s Aakash Jain playing spin doctor up next. 

Karan Hiranandani November 15, 20159:43 am

Four overs, ten runs for two wickets.
An interesting field set-up for the left handed Pratik. 
Short point, a Short Third man, Deep fine leg, with Long on and Long Off patrolling the boundary. Square leg’s deep too, with Cover patiently awaiting the first attempt at a boundary. And the fielder at slip just highlighting the aggressiveness displayed by MIT-B

Amit Shah November 15, 20159:44 am

13-2 in 5 overs, with MIT-A batting first.

Amit Shah November 15, 20159:49 am

Waiting for the sixes to start. I don’t want to carry my helmet back without a dent.

Karan Hiranandani November 15, 20159:50 am

6 overs, 15-2. MIT-B has made the ball do the talking. And MIT-A..

Well, they’ve got the Pavilion talking.

Amit Shah November 15, 20159:51 am

The cheering game is strong here, with a drum beating to get the teams pumped.

Hitesh Upadhyay November 15, 20159:51 am

A beautiful effort by the fielder at covers to stop that well timed shot which looked destined to go for a four.   

Amit Shah November 15, 20159:52 am

That’s a blinder of a catch! He plucked that out of nowhere!

Amit Shah November 15, 20159:53 am

17-3 after 7 overs. MIT-A with its back against the wall.

Hitesh Upadhyay November 15, 20159:54 am

The pressure now surely mounting on the batting side. We’ve not even crossed the 10 over mark and they are three down for 17 runs. 

Karan Hiranandani November 15, 20159:55 am

Who needs to see Jonty Rhodes playing with the All Stars when you got Sai Vishal? Blinder, that catch.

Amit Shah November 15, 20159:59 am

Pressure mounts on MIT-A as they lose three wickets in quick succession. Are we expecting a stellar comeback? Or will the match end before lunch time? Stay tuned for the action.

Hitesh Upadhyay November 15, 201510:01 am

It’s been ages since the last boundary.  The underdogs have stunned everyone here at the MIT-cricket ground. 

Karan Hiranandani November 15, 201510:01 am

9 overs, 20/3
MIT-A need to put in a better effort than Amit did while clicking that photo if they wish to last the 50 overs

Amit Shah November 15, 201510:03 am

Slick save, that, from the bowler. 

And, it’s alright Karan. I’ll let that go. You’re as green as the turf today.

Amit Shah November 15, 201510:07 am

Karan Hiranandani November 15, 201510:07 am

11 overs MIT-A 27/3
Prateek seems to be playing the role of the anchor.
Bat it out.
Slow and steady wins the race, huh?

Amit Shah November 15, 201510:09 am

The ball races toward the boundary like a tracer bullet. 

Amit Shah November 15, 201510:11 am

This spinning delivery was one of the many things that have baffled the batsmen today.

Amit Shah November 15, 201510:12 am

The batsman cut through the field like a surgeon.

Hitesh Upadhyay November 15, 201510:12 am

Prateek Giridhar has been on the crease since the first over and batted sensibly. That is exactly what his team needs right now. A calm and composed mind who will help them absorb the pressure and get though these tough overs. 

Karan Hiranandani November 15, 201510:13 am

12 overs, MIT-A 34/3
My nerves have settled down
The constant worry of my laptop getting smashed by a six has diminished.

Amit Shah November 15, 201510:14 am

Prusty’s being cheered to hold on till 50 overs. Pressure much? 

Amit Shah November 15, 201510:15 am

And don’t worry. When you’re using ION, it’s not the cricket ball you fear smashing the laptop.

Amit Shah November 15, 201510:18 am

Prusty slyly knicks one to fine leg.

Amit Shah November 15, 201510:20 am

Fielder screams at the dugout for a chewing gum. 

The MIT Post, bringing you the important updates from the cricket match.

Hitesh Upadhyay November 15, 201510:21 am

This lefty righty combination seems to be working very well for the MIT-A team. Constantly making the fielders change their positions and not letting the bowlers to settle down. 

Karan Hiranandani November 15, 201510:23 am

The Umpire stretches his arms.
And no, it wasn’t for a boundary.
15 overs, 42/3

Amit Shah November 15, 201510:24 am

The temperature cools down slightly, with a hint of clouds overhead. The clouds are just one of the things circling overhead MIT-A.

Amit Shah November 15, 201510:25 am

Prateek and Prusty maintaining their defensive strategy, with an occasional swing at the ball when it calls for it. Things seem to be stabilizing.

Amit Shah November 15, 201510:27 am


The dugout never fails to amuse.

Karan Hiranandani November 15, 201510:27 am

The field hasn’t changed since the first ball. 

Amit Shah November 15, 201510:28 am

And Prateek swings and sends a delivery space bound! Or just about space bound, for it fell a feet shy of the boundary. Four to MIT-A. Cue drumroll.

Amit Shah November 15, 201510:30 am

The batsmen seem to be getting more ambitious by the second. And they pay for it. Stunning catch sends Prateek back to the dugout.

Amit Shah November 15, 201510:32 am

Saumitra Darbal up next to bat. The MIT-A captain now leads from the front, taking matters into his own hands.

Karan Hiranandani November 15, 201510:34 am

It’s been a close fight.
No clear winner so far

Karan Hiranandani November 15, 201510:37 am

And we’ve reached the 50 run mark!

19 overs, 50/4

Amit Shah November 15, 201510:38 am

MIT-B running a tight ship with the fielding. They’re getting their basics right. No wonder the opposition is on the back foot.

Hitesh Upadhyay November 15, 201510:40 am

The bowlers are constantly bowling in the right areas, forcing the batsmen to make mistakes. 

Amit Shah November 15, 201510:40 am

See, the biggest advantage to having a left-right batting team is that it’s easy to identify who’s on strike. Now with a right-right combination, what was earlier Prusty and Prateek might soon be batsman 1 and batsman 2. We’ll still try our best, though.

Karan Hiranandani November 15, 201510:41 am

No cricket game in India is complete without a dog streaking through the field

21 overs, 54/4

Amit Shah November 15, 201510:44 am

The Photography Club helping us step up the image quality. Cheers, guys! And a shout out to our Sports Secretary donning the white hat.

Amit Shah November 15, 201510:47 am

Batsman eases one into the boundary. 22 overs, 59-4.

Hitesh Upadhyay November 15, 201510:47 am

The captain takes things into his own hands as he tries increasing the run rate. Beautifully timed four by Saumitra Darbal.

Amit Shah November 15, 201510:50 am

The batsman tries to squeeze one between the gaps while the bowler swings it both ways.

No, totally no innuendo.

Amit Shah November 15, 201510:50 am

And MIT-A slips another boundary between the fielders!

Hitesh Upadhyay November 15, 201510:53 am

Aaksah Jain brought back into attack as MIT-B team looks for more wickets.

Amit Shah November 15, 201510:55 am

Drinks break! Crack open the Old Mo.. Gatorade. Have Gatorade.

Hitesh Upadhyay November 15, 201510:56 am

Strategies being discussed by both teams as they prepare themselves for this battle of the wits. 

Amit Shah November 15, 201510:56 am

Fielder temporarily forgetting that this is a cricket match and gets in position for a 100 metre dash.

Hitesh Upadhyay November 15, 201510:59 am

Alright, prediction time. Amit and Karan, if you were to put your money on one team from this point on wards, who would it be?

Amit Shah November 15, 201511:01 am

MIT-B seems to be the stronger team at the moment, with consistent fielding and tight bowling. But this is a bowling track, and all will depend on how they fare with the bat. MIT-A has mopped up the spilled milking to a certain extent with the captain taking charge.

Hitesh Upadhyay November 15, 201511:02 am

MIT-B have started exactly how they left before the drinks break. The field set is still attacking. The bowlers constantly bowling in the right areas. 

Amit Shah November 15, 201511:04 am

The batsmen are holding fort for a long time, and bowlers are dying to see the umpires give the batsmen the finger.

Hitesh Upadhyay November 15, 201511:06 am

A brilliant shot. Saswat Prusty is stepping up the gas. Batting more aggressively now. One more four added to his tally. 

Hitesh Upadhyay November 15, 201511:08 am

Out. Too much agression. Saswat Prusty loses his wicket to a slow delivery from Ayush. 

Hitesh Upadhyay November 15, 201511:09 am

Out. Too much agression. Saswat Prusty loses his wicket to a slow delivery from Ayush. He completely mistimes the shot and the the off-stump rolls over. 

Karan Hiranandani November 15, 201511:11 am

It’s 76/5 after 28 overs
And MIT-A need a partnership more badly than I need a Dongle.

Hitesh Upadhyay November 15, 201511:12 am

It seems the wicket doesn’t seem to slow the new Batsman on strike. Abhinav MAheshwari opens his account with a cracking four.

Amit Shah November 15, 201511:13 am

The partnership that was.

Karan Hiranandani November 15, 201511:15 am

MIT-B may be in the Driver’s Seat, but MIT-A sure are making themselves heard from the Pavilion.

29 overs, 81/5

Hitesh Upadhyay November 15, 201511:16 am

After 30 overs, MIT-A are 82 for five. 

Hitesh Upadhyay November 15, 201511:17 am

Karan who do you think has been the star player for the MIT-B team today?

Karan Hiranandani November 15, 201511:21 am

Aakash Jain
5 overs, 8 runs, and 1 wicket. Brilliant statistics
But, it’s been more a team performance than a one man show.
In the words of Sidhu, “You can’t play a Symphony alone. It takes an orchestra to play it.”

Hitesh Upadhyay November 15, 201511:24 am

hahahaha…well said. The team performance has been spot-on. Just seven extras. They have made the batsmen work for every other run.

Hitesh Upadhyay November 15, 201511:26 am

The score after 33 overs is 85 for five.

Karan Hiranandani November 15, 201511:28 am

Sidhu says,

“There is light at the end of the tunnel for the batting team, but it’s that of an oncoming train which will run them over.”
33 overs, 85/5
Hitesh, any predictions for the score at the end of 50 overs?

Hitesh Upadhyay November 15, 201511:30 am

Another wicket for MIT-B. A bit of hesitation from the batsmen and the fielders makes no mistakes. Another team wicket. The captain walks back to the pavilion.

Hitesh Upadhyay November 15, 201511:31 am

Tempers flare at the pavilion as the players are not happy with the umpires decision. 

Hitesh Upadhyay November 15, 201511:33 am

Another four after a long time for the MIT-A team. Beautifully placed shot.

Karan Hiranandani November 15, 201511:35 am

It’s all part and parcel of the game.
The Umpire’s presence is what makes it a Gentleman’s Game.
35 overs, 91/6
The left handed Akash Sharma takes guard 

Hitesh Upadhyay November 15, 201511:36 am

Aakash Jain bowling his ninth over. What a day it has been for him. 

Karan Hiranandani November 15, 201511:37 am

Abhinav taking over from where Prusty left off.
Another shot, clipped to the square leg boundary for four.
96/6 after 36 overs

Hitesh Upadhyay November 15, 201511:38 am

Abhinav Maheshwari is getting the runs on the board for MIT-A team. The score after 36 overs is 96 runs for six wickets.

Karan Hiranandani November 15, 201511:40 am

“We need a four every over AB, but stay till the end AB.”
Abhinav Maheshwari, ladies and gentlemen, cool as a cucumber

Hitesh Upadhyay November 15, 201511:41 am

The running between the wickets by Abhinav Maheswari and Aditya Sharma has been spot-on. Brilliant understanding between the two.

Hitesh Upadhyay November 15, 201511:43 am

Another wicket for MIT-B. Beautiful catch at point by Aakash. Abhinav walks back to the pavilion after a brilliant innings. 

Hitesh Upadhyay November 15, 201511:44 am

Free hit. This gives the batsman to free his arms.

 A swing and a miss. What a waste. credits to the bowler.

Hitesh Upadhyay November 15, 201511:47 am

Hundred up for the MIT-A team. The team cheers the total.

Hitesh Upadhyay November 15, 201511:46 am

Free hit. This gives the batsman the chance to free his arms.

 A swing and a miss. What a waste. credits to the bowler.

Karan Hiranandani November 15, 201511:49 am

MIT-B have got their tails wagging at this crucial juncture. As of now, lasting the 50 overs ought to be MIT-A’s primary focus. 
Fighting it out.
Hopefully, one of the batsmen has been an ardent follower of VVS Laxman

Hitesh Upadhyay November 15, 201511:50 am

Aakash Jain bowls his last over. What a day it’s been for him. He has had an economy of 2.5 and has taken a wicket. 

Hitesh Upadhyay November 15, 201511:52 am

The game seems to have slowed down a bit. The two batsmen on the crease taking their own time to settle down. Their main focus is to play through the 50 overs.

Karan Hiranandani November 15, 201511:53 am

39 0vers, 101/5.
Finally, a change in the field. And what?
Third man has been brought in. 
Last 10 overs, and MIT-B have stepped up their attacking game. 
Couldn’t have been more unorthodox and taunting

Hitesh Upadhyay November 15, 201511:56 am

The MIT-B team is not letting the batsmen take any singles. Beautiful field set by the captain.

Karan Hiranandani November 15, 201511:57 am

The India v/s South Africa game has been delayed due to rain.
The rain is coming down thick and fast in Bangalore, but the dark clouds have been circling over MIT-A since the beginning. 
41 overs done, 104/7

Hitesh Upadhyay November 15, 201512:00 pm

If MIT-A team goes on all-slog mode from this point on wards then I feel they might pose a total of 150+ runs. What do you think Karan? 

Hitesh Upadhyay November 15, 201512:03 pm

Sad sights as Rishabh Singh is carried out of the field. He pulled his right hamstring while fielding acrobatically. 

Hitesh Upadhyay November 15, 201512:04 pm

The game resumes as the injured player is carried off the field. The score after 42 overs is 106 for seven.

Karan Hiranandani November 15, 201512:06 pm

150 seems tough

8 overs to go, and 106 up on the board.
According to Aakash, the grass on the outfield hasn’t been trimmed. 
So, despite our criticism, 150 could be an interesting score.
And, MIT-A have lost another wicket

Hitesh Upadhyay November 15, 201512:06 pm

Another wicket. MIT-B is showing no mercy. They want to get their opposition all out before 50 overs. 

Hitesh Upadhyay November 15, 201512:07 pm

Aditya walks back to the pavilion after spending a long time on the pitch. The new man in is Rishab Dave.

Hitesh Upadhyay November 15, 201512:10 pm

A narrow escape. The batsman tried to play the ball away from his body and almost gave a catch to the slip fielder.

Karan Hiranandani November 15, 201512:11 pm

Swing and Miss seems to be the batting team’s new tactic.
Fortunately for them, the timber sticks haven’t been rattled.

Hitesh Upadhyay November 15, 201512:14 pm

The fielders have closed in. The only way to get runs is over the heads of the fielders. 

Karan Hiranandani November 15, 201512:14 pm

44 overs up, and it’s 108/8.
And it’s a spinner who’s been called into the attack.
Highly unorthodox, and he pays for it. Crisp shot, which hurtles towards cover for four

Hitesh Upadhyay November 15, 201512:16 pm

Full-toss. And played into the gap by the batsman. The bowler breathes a sigh of relief.

Hitesh Upadhyay November 15, 201512:18 pm

A swing and a miss. The Batsmen seem to step up the scoring as we move into the final five overs of the first innings.

Karan Hiranandani November 15, 201512:18 pm

45 overs done, and it’s 115/8. 
Four fielders patrolling the boundary at long on long off, deep fine leg and deep third man. 

Karan Hiranandani November 15, 201512:22 pm

46 overs up, and it’s 117/8.
Our previous estimates of 140-150 have come crashing down hopelessly.
Spinners continue to operate from one end.

Hitesh Upadhyay November 15, 201512:22 pm

It is a bold move by MIT-B team. Introducing a spinner at this stage of the game, when batsmen are looking to slog. 

Hitesh Upadhyay November 15, 201512:24 pm

Karan what do you think is a dependable total on this pitch?

Karan Hiranandani November 15, 201512:27 pm

Interesting banter from the dressing room. According to the batsmen, 130 is a challenging score. So much for our critical analysis. Hitesh, 130 could be an interesting total.
And the leg stump has been uprooted ruthlessly. Utkarsh has been bowled by Ninaad comprehensively. I guess the Swing and Miss tactic failed

Hitesh Upadhyay November 15, 201512:27 pm

MIT-B team need just one more wicket to end the first innings.  

Hitesh Upadhyay November 15, 201512:29 pm

All out. A brilliant team display by MIT-B team. The last wicket was of Romel who tried playing away from his body, giving an easy catch to the wicket-keeper. That marks the end of the first innings. 


Karan Hiranandani November 15, 201512:33 pm

So the innings has wrapped up at 120, with 3 overs still left. A stellar performance by the bowling team, in all departments. The fielding was particularly top-notch, with not one catch being dropped. The lack of drumroll suggests that the MIT-A team could’ve done better, but the players feel that they can defend this total. It’s going to be an interesting game, fellas.

Hitesh Upadhyay November 15, 201512:34 pm

What do you make of the first innings Karan? Any standout performers or moments according to you?

Karan Hiranandani November 15, 201512:37 pm

Ninaad, Ayush and Aakash were the standout bowlers, with an all round performance in the fielding department. Abhishek, Prusty and Prateek held ship for a while, which under the circumstances, is highly commendable 

Karan Hiranandani November 15, 201512:39 pm

The players have left the field, giving me an opportunity to surmise the field.
This field has been host to amazing instances of fielding today. Unfortunately, this field is the only thing which connects me to athletic dives.

Hitesh Upadhyay November 15, 201512:40 pm

The players rush to the pavilion as they have been given a forty five minute break. Putting praises for the MIT-B team aside, I feel batting from Prateek Girdhar and Saswat Prusty deserves a mention. They both stayed on the crease for as long as they did and helped their team put up this total. 

Karan Hiranandani November 15, 201512:47 pm

Two members from the MIT-A team are warming up on the pitch. I guess Hitesh and I aren’t the only blokes  who aren’t tired after the hectic morning session.
Yeah, that’s right. We need to stretch too.

Hitesh Upadhyay November 15, 201512:47 pm

Bowlers warm up for the second innings. They have the  tough task of defending the low total. 

Karan Hiranandani November 15, 201512:47 pm

*stretch our fingers

Hitesh Upadhyay November 15, 201512:53 pm

Hahahaha…Well i think my fingers have been stretched for too long. A few players have started to return after lunch. Can’t wait for the second innings. 

Karan Hiranandani November 15, 201512:58 pm

Scorer be like, “My BE paper had more marks than the fours column on this scoresheet”

Hitesh Upadhyay November 15, 201512:59 pm

Players warming up for the second innings. Everyone is waiting for the umpires. We shall begin with the second innings shortly. 

Karan Hiranandani November 15, 20151:01 pm

And the drumroll is beginning again. That’s the thing about cricket, breaks are just too long. Let’s just get on with the game

Hitesh Upadhyay November 15, 20151:08 pm

The batsmen have padded up and are warming up to start the second innings.

Hitesh Upadhyay November 15, 20151:14 pm

Well the MIT-A team needs more than just sips of those energy drinks if they are to defend this small total of 120 runs.

Karan Hiranandani November 15, 20151:15 pm

The Umpires are here. Start isn’t too far. Players taking final sips of their energy drinks while I shamelessly gobble up packaged fried potatoes, complemented with an extremely quantity of compressed air, also known as Lays.
Quoting Cornelius Fudge from the Goblet of Fire, “Let the Match Begin!”

Hitesh Upadhyay November 15, 20151:16 pm

Utkal Swain and Sushrut Devasthali get us under way. And what a way to start. Sushrut starts the innings with a four on the very first ball. 

Hitesh Upadhyay November 15, 20151:18 pm

The MIT-A team is trying to get into the batsman’s head, trying to provoke him to make a mistake. They will  not give up without a fight. 

Hitesh Upadhyay November 15, 20151:23 pm

We have a first slip, second slip and a gully in place. The MIT-A team desperate for early wickets.  

Karan Hiranandani November 15, 20151:24 pm

Two overs up, and it’s 5/0. Close shaves for the batsmen, coupled with the over enthusiastic fiedling time is spicing things up.
Who needs a drum when you got the MIT-A team?

Hitesh Upadhyay November 15, 20151:26 pm

The required run-rate is 2.44 per over. All that MIT-B team needs to do is keep their cool and capitalize on the mistakes of their opposition.  

Karan Hiranandani November 15, 20151:28 pm

I’ve got an apparently timid Aakash Jain, padded up and waiting to go next, sitting right behind me. In the meanwhile, the MIT-B team seem to be finding the sweet spot for every delivery thrown at them. If the sweet spot of the bat was a crime scene, they’d probably be Sherlock and John
3 overs, 10/0

Hitesh Upadhyay November 15, 20151:32 pm

13 for no loss. After four overs MIT-B has had a perfect start to the second innings.

Hitesh Upadhyay November 15, 20151:34 pm

The bowlers can’t really afford to give extras. They have to maintain their line and length and I’m sure the wickets will come if they do that. 

Arunabh Sengupta November 15, 20151:35 pm

Lovely day for an exciting match of cricket. Right now MIT-B is on top but the innings has just started and we have a long way to go.

Karan Hiranandani November 15, 20151:36 pm

MIT-B have captured the drum now.
And it seems to be bursting much more frequently than it did for MIT-A. 
A scintillating pull shot by Sushrut sends the ball running towards the the mid-wicket boundary.

Hitesh Upadhyay November 15, 20151:37 pm

The openers are murdering the ball. Well timed strokes all over the field. It’s a privilege to watch them at work. After five overs the score is 20 runs for no loss. 

Karan Hiranandani November 15, 20151:38 pm

Joining us on the blogging table is Arunabh Sengupta. Even bloggers need substitutes.

Karan Hiranandani November 15, 20151:40 pm

Utkal sends the ball crashing to the mid-wicket boundary for a well-timed four. MIT-B off to a flyer.

Hitesh Upadhyay November 15, 20151:42 pm

MIT-B have started dominating the game. The score after six overs is 26 for no loss. 

Arunabh Sengupta November 15, 20151:43 pm

A bit of a fumble on the field.


Arunabh Sengupta November 15, 20151:44 pm

A scintillating shot to fine leg for four by Utkal.

Karan Hiranandani November 15, 20151:46 pm

Seven overs down, and it’s 33/0. So far, it’s been all MIT-B. MIT-A’s energy doesn’t seem to depreciate, but a wicket is the need of the hour.

Hitesh Upadhyay November 15, 20151:46 pm

The required run-rate now has dropped down to 2.04 runs per over. 

Karan Hiranandani November 15, 20151:49 pm

And the first wicket is down!
Sushrut perishes to Rishabh Dave’s ball, with a good catch by the wicketkeeper, Prusty.

Karan Hiranandani November 15, 20151:50 pm

We have a change on the Bloggers’ table. Amit and Arunabh are taking over, while Hitesh and I are signing off. 

Arunabh Sengupta November 15, 20151:53 pm

An amazing shot for four to square leg by Utkal

Arunabh Sengupta November 15, 20151:54 pm

The score stands at 39 for the loss of a single wicket in 9 overs.

Arunabh Sengupta November 15, 20151:57 pm

A great display of fast bowling by Rishab Dave. The score stands at 41 for 1 wicket after 10 overs.

Arunabh Sengupta November 15, 20151:59 pm

A beautiful cut shot from Utkal. 4 more runs for MIT-B.

Arunabh Sengupta November 15, 20152:01 pm

After 11 overs its 49 for 1.

Arunabh Sengupta November 15, 20152:02 pm

And MIT-B have reached the 50 run mark in a very quick fashion.

Amit Shah November 15, 20152:05 pm

MIT-B cruising toward the 122 target with a score of 50-2, having just lost Aakash who got trapped on the pads by Rishab Dave. Is this the turning point, or will we see this match wrapping up by 3pm?

Amit Shah November 15, 20152:06 pm

Prasoon Kumar up next in the MIT-B batting line up. 

Arunabh Sengupta November 15, 20152:07 pm

A wicket maiden by Rishab Dave. MIT-A trying to claw their way back into the game.

Amit Shah November 15, 20152:08 pm

MIT-A team captain Saumitra taking matters into his own hands with the ball. Will his offspin be the deus ex machina that his team desperately needs?

Amit Shah November 15, 20152:10 pm

The dugout calming Utkal down, asking him to play the slow game and finish the game with class.

Amit Shah November 15, 20152:12 pm

Aaaaaand the stumps go for a toss! Rishab Dave knocks the stumps of MIT-B team’s star batsman Utkal. The game is changing by the ball. The score is 51-3 after 13.1 overs, Dave on fire.

Amit Shah November 15, 20152:15 pm

The striker sharply asks the non-striker to not attempt a run. Strong Gandalf vibes. 

“You shall not run!”

Amit Shah November 15, 20152:16 pm

Rishab Dave, scorching the pitch with his pace. So far, all three wickets are in his bag. Will we see a five-wicket haul sometime soon?

Amit Shah November 15, 20152:17 pm

Aryan Gupta, replaces Utkal on the batting crease.

Arunabh Sengupta November 15, 20152:18 pm

A bit of friendly banter going on in the field. Things are getting interesting here.

Amit Shah November 15, 20152:19 pm

A simple catch by the fielder on silly mid-on (not so silly now) sends Prasoon back to the dugout. He didn’t trouble the scorers too much.

Arunabh Sengupta November 15, 20152:20 pm

Mayank Sinha, coming in at number 6, is the new man at the crease.

Amit Shah November 15, 20152:21 pm

MIT-B needs to hold fort now. They went from 49-1 to 51-4. 15 overs up. The Inter MAHE Cricket Final just saw a hairpin turn.

Amit Shah November 15, 20152:23 pm

There seems to be a heated discussion on the field between the square leg umpire and the keeper. Gosh, why aren’t there any stump mics?

Amit Shah November 15, 20152:24 pm

Mayank playing the Wall on the crease with his solid defense.

Arunabh Sengupta November 15, 20152:27 pm

A simple catch to long off takes out Aryan.Tempers flare in the MIT-B team dugout and some chairs become collateral damage.

Amit Shah November 15, 20152:28 pm

Rishab “Archi” Singh up next at the crease. Things look gloomy for the MIT-B team at they now stand at 55-5 after 17 overs.

Amit Shah November 15, 20152:30 pm

An exquisite square cut by Rishab races off to the boundary. As Bhogle would have put it, “He had all the time in the world. He could have read a newspaper.”

Amit Shah November 15, 20152:30 pm

Rishab “Archi” Singh up next at the crease. Things look gloomy for the MIT-B team as they now stand at 55-5 after 17 overs.

Amit Shah November 15, 20152:31 pm

MIT-A using Rishab Dave like NFS gamers use Nitrous Oxide. But what do you when the Nitrous is over? Dave, bowling his ninth over.

Amit Shah November 15, 20152:33 pm

“Bat ka logo dikha bowler ko.”

Friendly thoughts from the crowd aimed at Rishabh Singh.

Arunabh Sengupta November 15, 20152:35 pm

2 successive maiden overs for MIT-A. This is anybody’s game right now.

Amit Shah November 15, 20152:36 pm

Dave, bowling his last over. Anything can happen now.

Amit Shah November 15, 20152:38 pm

“I came to watch the match after reading the blog.” Bharath Alapati

People, listen.

Arunabh Sengupta November 15, 20152:40 pm

Lets make that 3 successive maidens. Rishab Dave take a bow.

Amit Shah November 15, 20152:40 pm

Dave concludes a stunner of a spell with figures of 10 overs, 16 runs, 3 wickets, and 3 maidens. MIT-B breathes a sigh of relief.

Arunabh Sengupta November 15, 20152:41 pm

A gorgeous shot to deep cover for a four.

Arunabh Sengupta November 15, 20152:43 pm

The score stands at 61 for 5 after 21 overs. MIT-B has reached the halfway mark after a lot of drama. Lets see how this thing goes from here.

Arunabh Sengupta November 15, 20152:46 pm

62/5 after 22 overs.

Arunabh Sengupta November 15, 20152:48 pm

The fielding has been really tight for MIT-A, not giving any leeway to the batsmen.

Arunabh Sengupta November 15, 20152:50 pm

A simple catch to long off takes out Mayank. The fielder makes no mistakes. MIT-B stand at 63 for 6.

Arunabh Sengupta November 15, 20152:55 pm

Aditya Patil comes in at number 8.

Arunabh Sengupta November 15, 20152:58 pm

The innings is half done. MIT-B stand at 64 for 6 wickets after 25 overs. They need to buckle up if they have to win this game. MIT-A peaking at the right time. The players get a drink and huddle up to make plans for the rest of this exciting match.

Arunabh Sengupta November 15, 20153:00 pm

A catch has been dropped by the slip fielder. Things are heating up here.

Amit Shah November 15, 20153:03 pm

I guess the problem with both teams being from MIT is that they’re both chanting the same thing. “Mighty, mighty, MIT!”

Arunabh Sengupta November 15, 20153:03 pm

Its 69 for 6 after 26 overs.

Amit Shah November 15, 20153:05 pm

Local chatter leads us to believe that there have been two sixes in this ground that went up to the 9th Block. 

Arunabh Sengupta November 15, 20153:12 pm

If MIT-B keeps up this display of tactful batting they just might be in with a chance. They need to keep their cool and see through at least another 8 overs without losing a wicket.   

Amit Shah November 15, 20153:14 pm

“Archi, Archi, cool it Archi.”

The dugout waters down the aggression as the fielders become butterfingers.
Amit Shah November 15, 20153:17 pm

Trying to decide which commentator to idolize during the LiveBlog. We would’ve picked Ravi Shastri but we remember the time Yuvraj hit 6 sixes and Shastri ran out of originality in the third ball.

Amit Shah November 15, 20153:18 pm

77-6 in 31 overs. 45 more runs to win. Their run rate so far is 2.48/over and required is at 1.55/over. They have the time, they just need the wickets.

Arunabh Sengupta November 15, 20153:20 pm

And another one bites the dust. Aditya Patil trapped in front of the wickets by Aditya Sharma. The score is 77 for the loss of 7 wickets.

Amit Shah November 15, 20153:21 pm

Okay I spoke too fast. The game is becoming better by the second. Would’ve bit my nails if I wasn’t typing.

Arunabh Sengupta November 15, 20153:22 pm

Ayush Singhania is the man coming in at number 9.

Amit Shah November 15, 20153:24 pm

MIT-B’s hopes ride on Student Council Sports Secretary Rishabh “Archi” Singh. He’s not out at 15. 

Arunabh Sengupta November 15, 20153:25 pm

And the stumps have been shattered. Ayush Singhania returns to the dugout after a brief stint.

Amit Shah November 15, 20153:26 pm

Sai Vishal comes to the crease at number 10, after Ayush was castled with his team now at 79-8.

Amit Shah November 15, 20153:28 pm

Archi still batting with a touch of aggression, despite his team needing 2 runs per over with as many wickets in hand. The number 10 batsman is playing it safe.

Amit Shah November 15, 20153:31 pm

Archi playing a mature game, with aggression when it is called for. His leg side flicks are keeping the fielders (and commentators) on their toes.

Amit Shah November 15, 20153:33 pm

83-8 after 35 overs.

Amit Shah November 15, 20153:38 pm

It’s hard being Archi on the field now considering the variety of advice being shouted at him from the dugout. 

Arunabh Sengupta November 15, 20153:40 pm

After 37 overs the score stands at 86 for the loss of 8 wickets.

Arunabh Sengupta November 15, 20153:42 pm

Number 10 batsman batting in the style of M.S. Dhoni. Or should I say defending in the style of M.S. Dhoni. The bat looks like a broom in his hands.

Amit Shah November 15, 20153:44 pm

I love the way Akhil described the blog at the top of the page. “The LiveBlog is now live.”

Repetitive Akhil is repetitive.

Arunabh Sengupta November 15, 20153:45 pm

Free hit to Archi.

Amit Shah November 15, 20153:46 pm

Archi swings his bat like Thor’s hammer at the Free Hit. Squeezed in two runs.

Amit Shah November 15, 20153:54 pm

Sai aakhri match samajh ke khel phir batting nahi milne wali.”

Words of encouragement from the dugout.

Amit Shah November 15, 20153:59 pm

And there it is. Archi departs for a stellar 32, highest run scorer for the team, with MIT-B on the back foot.

Amit Shah November 15, 20154:02 pm

MIT-A wins, with the last man departing sharply after Archi got caught. The final score for MIT-B stands at 97 all out, with their opponents winning by 24 runs.

Amit Shah November 15, 20154:03 pm

Final Score:

MIT-A: 121/10
MIT-B: 97/10

Amit Shah November 15, 20154:06 pm

Thanks for following, everyone. This is Amit Shah and Arunabh Sengupta, signing off after an exciting game of cricket. MIT-A won the game, but Archi’s dogged determination won the hearts.

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