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Inter-Section Coding Competition

The last week of January witnessed a face-off between passionate coders in a two day event involving complex programming algorithms and a race against the clock to be the best. The event, hosted by IE CSE, aimed to discover the best coders from the CSE, IT, and CCE branches who were currently in their second or third year of engineering.

The first round, conducted on the 27th of January, intended to obtain the best team from each section. Each team consisted of two members who were working alongside each other to gain the output for a certain programming logic from the given sample input. The participating teams were required to attempt twenty questions in the allotted time of ninety minutes. The teams with the highest number of correct answers would qualify to the next round. The first round saw the participation of twenty four teams of which sixteen would qualify to fight it out in the next round.

The second round, hosted on the 28th of January, was the final round of the event. This round’s format was vastly different from the preliminary round. Three different groups of questions were made and were accordingly categorized into easy, medium, and hard. In the ‘easy’ round, a team could solve a maximum of four questions out of six and was awarded five points for every right answer. In the ‘medium’ round, they could solve a maximum of three questions out of seven, and in the ‘hard’ round, a team could answer as many questions as they liked (out of the five given questions), and stand a chance of winning twenty points if their code functioned correctly. If a team managed to answer a hard question correctly they were enabled with the option of deducting points from the other teams thus increasing the competitiveness of the event. The various rounds included questions that applied to a certain programming algorithm as per the difficulty level of each round. The outputs were checked by volunteers from IE CSE’s Working Committee. Each team would have to attain the correct output for each of the sample inputs given by the volunteer in order to be rewarded with points.  All of this was to be accomplished in a stipulated period of one and a half hours.

Lucrative incentives were in store for the top team from each year as they would receive a cash prize of Rs.2000 along with certificates. After accomplishing this herculean task, the winning teams were finally announced. The winners from the second year were Shivam and Saket while the winners from the third year were Subhanshu and Kislay.

With this, the Inter-section Coding Competition was brought to an end. The event was a grand success as the students had received the opportunity to flex their coding muscle and improve on their skills as well as enjoy themselves.

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