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Inspiring Action—World’s Largest Lesson by AIESEC


On 23rd August 2019, AIESEC hosted the ‘World’s Largest Lesson’—an initiative devised by Project Everyone and UNICEF to educate the youth about the Sustainable Development Goals. These goals focus on ending poverty, protecting the planet, and ensuring that people throughout the world enjoy prosperity. With this event, AIESEC reached out to over 1,800 students in Manipal with the aid of over two hundred local volunteers.

The event began at Madhava Kripa English Nursery and Higher Primary School in the morning and was wrapped up at Volakadu in the afternoon. A workshop lesson plan was designed for students from classes three to ten with the volunteers acting as facilitators for the workshops and leading the lesson at each venue. The enthusiasm of the volunteers was commendable. They were confident and eager to meet the students and deliver knowledge in an effective manner.

Prior to the event, three training sessions were arranged for the volunteers. Here, they were informed about the agenda for the event and their duties. A detailed lesson plan was shared with the volunteers during training sessions with all the necessary information that was to be communicated to the students. The lesson was planned in a way that would encourage interaction between the facilitators and the students. It primarily aimed to promote a learning process based on dialogue and the active participation of students.

As a part of the lesson, the students of classes three and four were required to draw ‘nature and its components’ on a bookmark. While most of their artwork consisted of simple elements like mountains, the sun, rivers, and birds, one of them depicted the Earth with a frowning expression. Evidently, although these children were young, they were aware of the consequences of an environmental crisis.

On the other hand, students from classes five to ten had to illustrate their understanding of world issues on a chart paper, along with unique solutions. A team of four to five students worked on one project that comprised of illustrations, text, and slogans. It was gratifying to see how most of them came up with interesting solutions to deal with multiple problems that affected the planet.

Initially, the event was to be conducted simultaneously across all the AIESEC local committees in India, but since schools and colleges in Manipal were shut for over a week due to bad weather, the event was postponed to 23rd August. Despite the delay, AIESEC mobilised young leaders successfully to deliver value. “One child alone could make a huge difference by spreading this message to a small community around him. The idea of SDG and the thought of Agenda 2030 will not be achieved unless we have all of mankind working towards it. With this event, we at AIESEC in MAHE, hoped to spread awareness around our little part of the world, in an effort to save this beautiful haven of a planet we call home,” said Manan Shah, the Core Committee President for World’s Largest Lesson.

As the volunteers finally left the classrooms, the loud cheers and applause from the students was a clear indication of their enjoyment. World’s Largest Lesson was an example of how even a simple classroom lesson can be a step towards achieving global goals. The event was successful in bringing about awareness among students about their role as global citizens who can contribute to the creation of a better world.

Image Credits: The Photography Club, Manipal.

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