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When Engineering Meets Creativity — Innovation Fest 2020

The MIT Innovation Fest sought to challenge the intellectual creativity of students. It was conducted in the aptly suited Innovation Center on 7th February. The congregation was joined by honorary chief guests, Dr. Girish Rao and Mr. Chandrashekar Shetty as well as the director, Dr. Srikanth Rao. The inauguration of the event began with an insightful speech from the technical secretary, Ms. Ankita Modi.

The respected dignitaries proceeded to light the lamps, followed by individually astute speeches from the chief guests which envisioned a future of sophisticated yet novel ideas to benefit the society we live in, that set the stage for the seven teams to present their projects. A vote of thanks succeeded by a memento to the judges shortly concluded the inauguration as the eager participants  waited in anticipation. Following the inauguration, the judges began their assessment of each project.

The dignitaries seated during the inauguration. [Image credits: The Photography Club]

The team created an effective and simplistic algorithm to take feedback from company portals, wherein the rating system isn’t thoroughly established to classify the reviews as either positive, negative, or neutral. This provides an insight into a product’s output whilst also indefinitely simplifying the employee’s job. Code Linguists designed a multi-lingual and interactive user-friendly mobile application framework for the local farmers to ascertain data regarding location, weather, soil, crops, fertilizers, prices, etc. on a certain plot of land at the tip of their fingers.

Having identified an important factor affecting today’s population, an aspiring first-year student single-handedly conceptualized Prana, a mask capable of filtering out very minute particles without causing any breathing issues. SecuriPal was an exemplary pioneering piece of technology made by one of the teams that essentially combated the increasing problems about burgling and break-ins. By eliminating the need for storage devices, this device performs surveillance as and when a motion sensor is set off.

A functional prototype of an electrical vehicle by RevX. [Image Credits: The Photography Club]

A zealous duo, Rev X, in the ballpark of mechanical interest proposed an avant-garde alternative to internal combustion engines causing vehicular pollution. The team further demonstrated the working of an electrical engine manufactured in a two-wheeler with the aid of a live prototype. Virtual Dietician was yet another extraordinary web-based application that performed a multitude of functions such as calculation of BMI, curation of charts tailored to a person’s diet as well as evaluation of the calories present in food.

One of the teams ambitiously brandished two separate ideas. The first one was Ecomie Tiles, an eco-friendly and cost-effective tile manufacturing concept intent on using the non-renewable aspect of plastic to mould it into various designs for multiple applications. The other one was Ampop, which sought to do away from nurses in hospitals being affected by the improper breaking of ampoules to administer injections by creating a sleek plastic tool to help break open the ampoule.

Ecomie Tiles on display.  [Image credits: The Photography Club]

“All the propositions were truly fascinating. It was nice to witness participation from first-year students as well. Innovation is the need of the hour after all.”, exclaimed Samyuktha Raj, the event’s organizer. All things considered, the projects on display deeply impressed the judges as they relished the thought of such creative and thought-provoking ideas paving the way to a brighter and better future.

Featured Image Credits: The Photography Club