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Foodathon | Madhusmita Nandan

̋Silver plates were lined up and rows of excited people were waiting. It was impossible to miss all the different types of foods stacked on the classroom desks. Even with the whole college lit up with the excitement for Revels, this was the most vicious competition there could have been.  A sea of people made its way into the classrooms, anticipating their long-awaited meals as they went through rounds of unexpected challenges filled with a diverse spectrum of foods ranging from pani-puri to burgers.

A word from the organiser:

“Since this was one of our flagship events, the whole college was looking forward to it. This was a one-of-a-kind fun event that involves eating different food items in ridiculously abstract yet hilarious ways. From eating gulab jamun with chopsticks to drinking soda without using hands, it’s a fun-loving event targeted towards enjoyment with friends.”

Foodathon was undeniably a long-awaited event, and it completely stole the show with its quirky entertainment and exciting, appetising, and novel challenges.

Scavenger Hunt | Madhusmita Nandan

The Scavenger Hunt was incredibly interesting, but not just in the way it seems. The campus was filled with a frantic search for clues. Immediately following the clear-out of the initial clues, a gladiator-like battle ensued for the next hint. A bunch of college students fighting over a piece of paper was a truly captivating sight to behold.

 A word from the organiser:

“A unique treasure hunt event organised by us is exactly as the name suggests but far from what people would expect! The participants knew how challenging, puzzling yet intriguing the clues were and they exceeded every expectation we had. Smart and efficient tasks were made to provide the participants with an opportunity to explore the hidden parts of our college and I can confidently say that it was well fulfilled. Revels ’22 gave us this golden opportunity that we will cherish for the rest of our lives.”

Sufficed to say, this event kept participants on edge as they looked for exciting clues and challenged themselves to do daring activities.

Image credits: Photography and Videography, Revels ’22

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