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‘Inde’genously Yours: the India Quiz

Not a single soul in Manipal enjoys the arduous task of walking from the hostel blocks to NLH – let alone the Library Auditorium – on a warm February evening for a quiz. But when “Yeh Bik Gayi Hai Gormint” serves as the answer to the very first question, suddenly, the day does not seem so bad anymore.

Jigyaasa, the quiz wing of Goonj, conducted one of the biggest quizzes of the semester- the India Quiz. Aptly named “Atulya Bharat” (Incredible India), the event saw a decent turnout on the 15th of February. Many seasoned quizzers shiver with fear before such contests, and, knowing this, Abhishek Batni and Sandeep Rao, the quizmasters of the day, did well to break this common stereotype and make this quiz as interesting as possible.

Abhishek Batni(right), the Quizmaster for the day. Picture Credits-The Photography Club, Manipal

Following the regular convention, a preliminary written round was conducted first, which comprised 24 questions. All of them required a basic idea of our nation. The sheer quality of these questions, and the fact that most of them were very logical and could be worked out, gave each of the 30 teams (of 2 members each) something to be happy about. Finally, after having their fair share of Sonam Gupta, Rajnikanth, and debating at length on what the flag of Pakistan-occupied Kashmir looked like (followed by a hilarious confrontation between the quizmasters and the participants where Wikipedia did play a significant role), 6 teams qualified to the finals with an exceptionally-minute point difference in the distinguishing each of them.

A packed Library Auditorium.
Picture Credits-The Photography Club, Manipal

Everyone loves to watch the finals of an event – be it cricket, Spell Bee, or the last day of an election campaign. Sadly, this was not the case for the India Quiz. With minimum audience participation, justice was not done to the efforts of the organisers. Nonetheless, the enthusiasm shown by the finalists more than made up for this minor hiccup. After an hour of grueling competition, a freshman team comprising Achintya Sharma and Rohit Sathish Nair emerged victorious, with Krittibas Majumdar and Mayank Aggarwal placing a close second.

The India Quiz is always remembered as well-organised and popular – an event Manipal is proud to host. This year was no different, with a satisfied set of quizmasters, and participants that were left eager for more. 

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