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Tête-à-Tête in Blindfolds

Not ones to be content with merely wiling away their Republic Day shacked up in their rooms, the members of The Psych Club brought forth a unique initiative to aid people in forging new friendships. This, however, came laced with a caveat: partners were to speak to each other while donning a blindfold throughout.

The event, dubbed ‘Blindfolded Conversations’, was created under the premise of ascertaining how differently an interaction between two people would proceed if they were unaware of each other’s physical appearance. Held in the evening under the setting sun at the Venugopal Temple Park, a steady inflow of people began to populate the park from the very start at 4 pm.

Upon their arrival, they were assisted in wrapping blindfolds and were escorted by an organizer to a corner of the park where they would be introduced to their partner. The rules were that they were not to ask each other for their names, and if they knew each other beforehand, they were to simply raise their hands in order to be immediately paired with someone else.

Although mentors from The Psych Club were present to oversee any hindrances in getting conversations to flow, there was an upheaval which no one could have foreseen. A bull and her calf began to charge at participants due to which the event was forced to come to an abrupt halt. When asked how he felt about the event, Dhruv Verma cajoled, “I had a wonderful time. But maybe if something could be done about the cow menace, next time there would be no beef.” 

Vice President Arjun Suri was enthralled about the copious turnout for his club’s event, and felt that it proceeded without any major bumps save for a brief meddling by Mother Nature. In return for a job well done, the members themselves got to take part in the second round of the event, and engaged in their own bouts of anonymous tête-à-tête.

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