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How to Neural Network—IEEE’s Artificial Intelligence Tech Talk

Varun S. | Staff Writer

The talking point that seems to have taken the world of Computer Science over for the past decade became the focus of the latest event at IEEE’s series, Tech Talk. The event brought together people from across all years, with the intent of shedding some light on the rapidly growing technology of artificial intelligence. The talk featured three of the most experienced students in the field as speakers, who were perfect candidates to deconstruct the complex ideas and discussions surrounding AI.

Upamanyu Ghose, a student of Computer Science at MIT, helped set the scene as he described the state of AI research in the world today. His talk mainly centred around how to enter the field without being overwhelmed, which is an issue that many people taking the plunge into the world of AI struggle with. He explained the various ways in which one could approach the field, talking about everything ranging from research papers to hands-on projects.

The second speaker, Siddhartha Rao, helped guide the students toward choosing which sector of AI might be best suited for them. Drawing on his experience from Google Summer of Code 2018 with CERN, he helped provide valuable insights into this topic to freshers looking for guidance.

Finally, Ronald Das closed the event with a fascinating lesson on the basics of image processing and deep learning that helped give a real understanding of what the mathematics and science behind the field look like. The event was an overall success, with all the attendees leaving the event with a new perspective on the field that is sure to help them in future pursuits.

Picture Credits: The Photography Club, Manipal