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IAESTE International Evening


On the 30th of August, IAESTE India LC Manipal celebrated ten years since its founding in its International Evening titled ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’. The title means ‘The world is one family’, a philosophy IAESTE has been striving to expound since its inception. The event kicked off with a speech by the IAESTE LC Manipal chairperson, Ms. Vrishika Melanta, followed by Dr. Karunakar A. Kotegar, faculty advisor, and Dr. H. Vinod Bhat, Vice-chancellor.

The IAESTE Manipal chapter was founded in 2005 with the aim of “helping our members realise their dreams and to facilitate the exchange of ideas- both technical as well as, cultural, by connecting students from various cultures and countries.” IAESTE India, founded in 2014, now aims to spread this philosophy throughout the nation. Manipal, being one of the oldest chapters of IAESTE in the country, boasts of a big presence in the National Committee, with seven out of the ten on the committee being from Manipal. Ex-members of IAESTE Manipal too were given a segment for the evening, with two being physically present, and one having sent a video message about how IAESTE had grown as a club, and what it personally does for its members.

After the formal events were over, the cultural events kicked in with a medley of songs from different countries, and in different languages, being sung by the visiting interns to Manipal. Representatives from countries like Poland, Germany, and Nigeria shared the stage with India in this musical fest. Then came a comedy play ‘Jack vs. Jill’ superbly enacted by the interns. An account by two IAESTE members about their time during their internships abroad followed, convincing people in the auditorium of the work that the group does on an annual basis. There was a dance show put up by the members and interns under the club, in collaboration with Showstoppers, pumping up the energy of the place. A fashion show exhibiting the different cultures and dressing styles prevalent in India was put up under the guidance and partnership with Glamour and Glitz. The air-conditioning suddenly seemed inadequate to most members of the audience.

A felicitation ceremony for all those who had gone abroad for their internships under IAESTE followed, and the faculties present from various departments under Manipal were acknowledged. After the events were over, the guests broke up for dinner, organised by IAESTE. A significant bit of socialising and mingling between the crowds paved the way for a cultural exchange between the visiting interns and their hosts. The International Evening hence concluded on a note truly multi-cultural, bringing the festivities of the day to a close.

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