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A Helping Hand—MAHE Students Assist the Community During COVID-19

India, along with the major parts of the world, has been fighting the consequences of the COVID-19 outbreak by enforcing lockdowns, raising funds, and helping those in need. In these dire times, we look at some vital contributions made towards this war against the pandemic by MAHE students and alumni, who are risking their lives for the greater good. These students, among many others, have been continually working on getting essential resources, sanitation and protective equipment to everyone. If we unite with their cause, we stand a chance to beat the pandemic and keep everyone healthy and safe.

  • In Udupi, Srujan G, an alumnus of MIT, is catering to forty people around Malpe by providing two meals, soap and other sanitary needs, through a campaign called Yuva Spoorthi. Srujan provides food for about 150+ families at Udupi. Also, they feed the stray dogs twice a week.
  • Binge Xpress, in collaboration with Binge Yard, has started a food donation drive utilising the funds raised from their campaign on Ketto. Using this fund, they have been providing meals to 2000 underprivileged members of the society in Udupi District, daily, for fifteen days since 15th April 2020.

Binge Xpress’s food donation drive (Image Source: Anand Vardhan)

  • Gopal Krishna and Faizan Mehdi are working through 3D Usher in Hyderabad by using 3D printing technology to make face masks and shields, using funds from a campaign started on Ketto.
  • In Bangalore, Pranjali Kanchi is coordinating a campaign run by Global 3D Labs on Ketto to assist front line workers with protective equipment.
  • Vijay Raghav Varada and Rohit Asil are working through Fracktal Works in Bangalore, which is making face shields (10,290 till date), thermometers, and essential personal protective equipment for the citizens.

    Fracktal Works’ Pandemic Response Team (Image Credits: Fracktal Works)

  • In Navi Mumbai, Debangana Chakraborty and her father are dispatching groceries to low-income families. In Thailand, Deepankar Khosla, an alumnus from WGHSA, has started preparing community meals for people who have no jobs or a source of income.
  • Hemang Chaturvedi, an alumnus of MIT, and his father, the Superintendent of Police of Barabanki, are helping the city of Barabanki which contains a large population of daily wage earners and low-income families by providing Sahayata packets. These are care packages, which have food and basic necessities. They are also hosting a fundraiser for the same.
  • Sharang Pai and his father are working for an organisation named Swachcoop by providing waste pickers with some basic facilities and protective equipment in Pune.
  • Antila Mansingh, an alumnus of MIT, is the founder of Aayom Welfare Society—an NGO which has been helping orphans, the elderly, and needy people around NCR and Uttar Pradesh.

Aayom Welfare Society’s ‘Rakshak ki Raksha’ campaign (Image Source: NCR Frontline News)

  • Mrigank Gautam, Naveen Tiwari, Sachin Sahani, and Kartikeya Chaurasiya from MIT Manipal, and Abhinav Sinha from VIT Vellore are busy raising funds through helphumanity from Patna, Bihar. The organisation strives to help the citizen of Patna by acting as a bridge to supply primary and fundamental household goods and necessities to the ones in need of it. With further financial support and increase in human resource, they aim to expand this initiative to several other cities.
  • Nupur Arora from Manipal Institute of Communication is helping a chawl in Mumbai through Teach for India and is organising a fundraiser to provide basic necessities for the families living in the chawl.
  • Harshit Shrivastava is raising funds for families and managed to raise Rs. 83,383 through GiveIndia Foundation in Bangalore.
  • Mohammaed Sahil Taiyebi has provided 100+ families with supplies, in Hyderabad.
  • Ms Priyanka Pareek, and Ms Mumal Singh, two research scholars of Manipal University Jaipur, under the guidance of Dr Lalital Ledwani, prepared two variants of Herbal Sanitisers. These sanitisers were prepared with more than 75% alcoholic contents and other ingredients that are purely herbal with proven antimicrobial properties.

The research scholars from MUJ who found the herbal sanitizers (Image Credits: Manipal University Jaipur on Facebook)

  • Vedant Prusty is lending a hand to Germany by organising and guaranteeing a supply of hand sanitisers through PnG.
  • Malavika Harikrishnan and other Manipal Alumni in Europe and surrounding places are raising funds to buy food and medicines for families across India. Malavika is also coordinating with other alumni who are helping COVID hit families and helping them in their cause.
  • Akshatha Kamath (3rd year CSE), Shubham Rateria (CCE Batch of 19’), and Adri Rajaraman (ECE Batch of 19’) recently won the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s hackathon—Beat the Pandemic and are currently working towards a prototype for the same with members of the health community around the globe.  Another Manipal Institute of Technology alumnus, Shashank Chaurasia, E&E Batch of ’15, also participated in the same COVID-19 Hackathon challenge. His seven-member team, ‘CoronaConnect’, developed an inventory tracking and management web application for hospitals dealing with the pandemic.
  • Rudrarth Vatsa is currently involved with the Indian Consulate, in Milan, to address the issues of the Indians in North Italy.
  • In Kolkata, Simar Sharma, a Biotechnology sophomore, has been preparing sanitizers for marketplaces and grocers around her area and other frontline workers.
  • Arjun Sheth, a third-year Mechanical student, has been raising funds to help construction workers, daily wage earners, etc. in Ahmedabad. He has raised more than four lakhs and is continually distributing essentials throughout Ahemadabad.

    (Image Credits: Arjun Sheth)

  • Mohit Rao, Krishna Chaitanya, Mihir Rambhiya from MIT Manipal and Vaid Bhagat from Manipal College of Health Professions have started a fundraiser through United Way Mumbai. They will use these funds towards PPE for healthcare workers, handwash station and sanitizer dispenser, and hospital equipment and awareness materials in government hospitals.
  • In Indrapuram, Noida, Rohan Roy has been contributing food and daily essentials to rickshaw pullers who are currently unemployed due to the pandemic.
  • Jithin Sunny, Joel Jogy George, Rohan Rout, Megha Baid, Shivangi Shukla, and Rakshit Naidu from MIT Manipal came second in the recently held Code19 challenge. They designed an algorithm for remote diagnosis, which will keep potential patients away from the hospital by measuring vitals and body temperature. They plan to do clinical trials and collaborate with medical professionals to launch their solution—TeleVital in hospitals.

These students have shown amazing grit and determination and we hope it inspires many people staying home. If you wish to get in touch with the above people, feel free to message them on Facebook. Please watch out for other donation campaigns which can help people stay safe and healthy. In these trying times, let’s give humanity a chance and make sure no contribution towards the betterment of people goes unnoticed.

(Featured Image Credits: Anand Vardhan)

This article is being updated regularly and is up-to-date as of 23rd April 2020