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Hearts on a shelf: MAFIA’s Art Exhibition


The Music and Fine Arts club of MIT, better known as MAFIA, organized its first ever art exhibition with some really commendable works of art on display. The exhibition was spread out in the Student Activity Center at Kamath Circle. It was a fairly new but a much needed concept for the promotion of the college’s artworks and was executed smoothly by the club. It was a one day affair and it lasted for about three hours.


kud3The exhibition featured fan-arts, murals, scenes from diurnal life, internet sensations, and much more in the form of sketches, juxtapositions, oil paintings and pencil drawings. It also saw the use of various bases like canvas, fabric, glass, card-stock, and paper. A section was dedicated to a handful of sophisticated 3-D paintings. Also, there were abstract paintings having patterns that were left to the viewer’s pareidolia for interpretation. Water colours seemed to be the most popular choice among the featured artists who were inspired to paint murals and landscapes. The audience looked most fascinated upon seeing their favourite fictional and real-life characters in sketchbooks and drawings.


Courtesy: Omar Afzal

A lot of spectators and art enthusiasts gave their time, attention, and appreciations to the exquisite display of artistic talent by the budding artists of the college. The event saw the visit of a few faculty members as well. Members of MAFIA were present at the venue to guide the visitors through the gallery and to brief them about the exhibits.

The exhibits which were full of life, spoke to the audience in a bold tone and sent out messages on behalf of their respective artists. Similar events in the future will do more than just persuade the members of the college to regularly put their art on display, and will also give the art enthusiasts something to look forward to.






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