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Haute Couture—Revels’22


Fashion Show | Shreeya Thamanam

Models graced the fashion show of Revels as they took the stage on April 14, 2022. On a pleasant Thursday evening, the runway garnered attention as models strutted to the beat of “Shinigami Eyes” by Grimes. The theme of this year’s show was Foreign Mythology. An array of prismatic wings, painted bodies, sequined dresses, confetti, striking headpieces, and dazzling euphoric makeup were displayed.

The style of makeup for many models seemed to have been heavily inspired by the hit show, Euphoria. Bold eyeliners and shadows were a staple and wonderfully complemented the seraphic energy brought by the models. An air of elegance graced their walk, even in the boldest outfits. Models switched through sub-themes by utilising various hues from blacks to blues to reds. Relevant symbolic props such as Norse Mjolnirs, Greek tridents, wavy headbands, and fairy wings were used to fit the theme with mesmerising strobe lights glittering all about.

The event was received with much enthusiasm by the audience, and the air was buzzing with excitement throughout the show. The event concluded in a grandiose manner, with esteemed judge Shruti Prakash announcing the winners and even mentioning an anecdote about her own life.

Mr and Ms Revels | Shreeya Thamanam

Entrancing were the personalities of the participants at Mr. and Ms. Revels. Held over a period of two days across three rounds, the judges tested the participants based on how they carried themselves throughout the ordeal. After a brief introduction, the first round kicked off with some steam as the participants enthusiastically and frantically answered questions in the elusive pop culture quiz.

Unique talents were showcased in Round 2, wherein the participants were provided with three valuable minutes to flaunt a skill of their choice, ranging from dance and music to public speaking. The final round proffered a questionnaire that included direct interaction with the judges. As questions related to current affairs, personality, and even personal life were posed, both brains and charm were put to the test.

Each participant exuded flair and charisma, making it a memorable event for all those present. Ultimately, the winners were decided based on the calculation of awarded scores.

Image Credits: Photography and Videography, Revels’22

Featured Image Credits: Social Media and Graphics, Revels’22

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