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Cursive, Block, Italic—Handwriting Analysis by The Psych Club

The Psych Club of Manipal organised a Handwriting Analysis workshop on 28th October. In this event, attendees were taught how to decipher a person’s personality, or a few cardinal traits, from their style of writing. The members of the club and the speakers were well-informed about the topic at hand, as they had been learning graphology, the pseudoscience of studying handwritings, from Mike Mandel, a graphologist.

The event started with the participants being given blank sheets of paper to write a piece of text displayed on the projector. This was followed by the introduction and a series of talks where the audience were taught the basics of graphology. Shortly after, the participants were made to swap papers and put their newly learned skills to the test. The talks continued with short breaks between them where the organisers moved around, interacting with and helping the audience. The participants were made to write before they were taught anything so their writing style would not be influenced by the talk.

The talks were quite gripping and were made even more understandable by examples of famous people’s handwriting. They included plenty of fantastical ideas ranging from deciphering a person’s food, sexual, and physical drives from the loops of their g’s and y’s to intuiting one’s mood from the stems on their t’s. Although there were a few blunt comments about some styles of writing being perceived as “perverted” or “dangerous”, they were passed off as humorous and comical.

Prita Saha, a second-year student at MIT and one of the speakers said, “I am glad to see a good turnout this year’s Handwriting Analysis. The credit for this goes to the publicity done for the event.” On the whole, the eagerness of the participants and the knowledge of the speakers made the event quite sensational.

Image credits: The Photography Club Manipal

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