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The Debacle in the Sky

The cluttering of space jetsam around our atmosphere has been a bone of contention for quite some time now. On one hand, we have scientists from NASA and ISRO seemingly on pins and needles about finding ways to reduce it. Then there’s China, a country which has absolutely no qualms with obliterating their defunct satellites in space. It is actions like these that further contribute to the deposition of metals in perpetual orbit around the Earth.

Thus, ridding space of gratuitous debris and making it more manueverable were the focal points of Prof. Balbir Singh’s talk at IE-Aerospace’s event, ‘Preparing Space for Everyone!’. Taking place in the evening on the 27th of January, the AB-5 classroom, chosen as the venue for the event, was occupied slowly but surely with students and budding space enthusiasts alike. As Arpit Sharma, President of IE-Aerospace, eloquently put it, “The people who have come here, while not many in number, are all genuinely interested in the topic of discussion.”

In the dimly lit room, one could not help but be fixated by the Professor’s manner of speaking. It became abundantly clear from the rapture in his voice that he was thoroughly enthused by his subject. Space Debris has been a topic of his research for the better part of the last 3 or so years, making him the perfect choice to deliberate on the matter.

Akshat Singhania, an attendee, appeared to have been quite fascinated by the subject matter. He remarked, “I learned about how we can prevent satellite collision by eliminating space debris and also just how far-reaching this matter really is. Being unable to see something doesn’t necessarily merit that it should not affect us.”  IE-Aerospace have once again outdone themselves in not only choosing a thought-provoking and intriguing topic for their event, but also with the flawless manner in which they executed it.

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