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Get Psyched!- The Psych Club of MIT


Interactive. Informative. Innovative. Imaginative. The Psych Club has taken the road to information about how the mind perceives, to the penultimate level, making the workshop a lot more fun. Colours was the topic of discussion, to lure the participants into their magical trap and it was genuinely impressive.

The president of the club, Aditi Bhat, demonstrated how the mind works when subjected to a particular colour. The descriptions made us look at colours and their usage in our daily lives in a rather mesmerizing perspective. “Red” she says,” is the colour of blood, which is pumped in our hearts more fluently, and increases our heart rates, thereby giving a jump-start to our appetite, mainly why red is used in abundance in almost every food company!” It is said you bet more if you see red poker chips. No surprise, then, that we keep losing all our money! Green is not only nature, it is freshness that it signifies. That is why the android is green. You will definitely feel refreshed hearing all these fun facts.

Participant, Kritika Batra, a first year student said, “I want to go for the recruitment not just because I like Psychology as a subject but because of the way they learn it at the club, through talks and discussion. To be true, I was drawn to it by Aditi’s hoola hoop representation.” Mesmerizing indeed. She drew the audience with her explanation of white’s inclusion of all colours through a rainbow lit loop!

You may have heard about the psych pages, over social media that show one-word association with things like colour, emotion and what not, what Ms. Aditi did was, study in depth about the subject and understood that there is more to psychology than we could have ever imagined and surprisingly enough these associations made sense. She thereby worked to build a foundation that would educate everyone in a  fun and exciting way. Overall, the event was a spectacle of The Psych Club’s penchant for simplifying the complexity that is Psychology.




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