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Get Jamming

If one happened to pass by Kamath Circle past 7PM on 24th January, they would know it wasn’t just another humdrum Tuesday night. Electric guitars roaring in the air and thundering drums throwing caution to the wind, dovetailed one mob to another- one, an intent crowd of students and the other, MAFIA.

It was Jam Night, an evening comprising improvised solos and vamped chord progressions. Eleven bands signed up to perform songs belonging to a wide range of genres, with each group getting ten minutes of limelight on the stage.

The event began forty-five minutes late, due to technical hassles. Despite that, as the performances commenced and the crowd pandered to favorites, the delay was more or less forgiven. Most of the bands having quirky, off-beat names like “Four Sarcastic Men”, “Two Guys and a Midget”, only enhanced the amusement.

At 7:30 PM, MAFIA in collaboration with The Reapers dance crew treated the gathering to a visual delight of a flash mob. Soon after the dance performance ended, the crowd dwindled, perhaps mistaking it to be the culmination of the event. However, ‘Passion Fruit Punch’, the headlining band comprising 4th year students took to the podium and any wandering minds were drawn right back in as they unleashed a Metallica Tribute Medley, striking all the right chords. Mrigakshi Sharma – a first year vocalist – also left people asking for more, with their bassist garnering extra favor.

Kartikeya Rastogi, the chairperson of MAFIA was gratified with the outcome A lot of new and talented bands have come forward this time, and there was a lot of experimentation across genres. That’s what MAFIA is here to do, shine light on otherwise hidden talent.”

The only disappointment from that night, apart from the hosts frequently mixing up band names, was that a handful of groups faced technical issues that delayed their performances and of those to follow. But that is not to say that the experience was in any way soured.