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Geek Lessons From an Accidental Entrepreneur – A Talk by Sandeep Jain


Geeks Talk was an event organised by IOSD Manipal, featuring Sandeep Jain, Founder and CEO of GeeksForGeeks, held on 8th November ’22, in the Library Auditorium. GeeksForGeeks is an online computer science portal that has helped many students get placed and crack their dream job interviews.

The speaker, Sandeep Jain [Credits: Nikita Ranjan]

During the talk, Mr Sandeep gave insights into his personal life and talked about important lessons he learnt along the way. Having chosen engineering out of peer pressure, he attended a college that wasn’t particularly prestigious and didn’t offer placements. Yet his continued efforts and hard work helped him discover his inner passion for teaching, and helped him get a master’s degree at IIT Roorkee. He further commented on his unconventional path towards starting a company, calling himself an ‘accidental entrepreneur’. His struggles with convincing his family of his ideas and finding a stable income source were some things that many could relate to.

Coming from a non-business background, he also highlighted many of the struggles he faced while starting a company like GeeksForGeeks from scratch. He acknowledged the importance of contribution from his community, saying that they helped him strive harder while trying to keep the platform afloat. The talk proved helpful for people interested in coding and starting a business; there was a lot to learn from his life story. His insights into placement preparation were also very well received. Additionally, he commented on how the job interview process was moving away from the college placement model to a better and fairer online competition model.

Attendees participating in the interactive session. [Credits: Arihant Jain]

After his talk, the floor was opened for questions. This was followed by a series of thoughtful, often heartfelt questions from the audience, ranging from doubts about programming strategy to further insights into his business strategy. He stressed on the fact that as young people, our most essential resource is time, and putting that time to good use always leads to a fulfilled life in the future.

The event ended with a vote of thanks. They highlighted the efforts of the IOSD team members: Aayush, Aarush, Avika, Abhinav, Piyush Modi, Piyush Mishra, and Saksham. The event took months of preparation and hard work to be successfully organised ultimately. Their efforts were clearly recognised as the event turned out to be a great start to TechTatva 2022.

Featured Image credits: MTTN

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