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The persistent pattering between fingers and buttons, the curious crowd peering at the projector witnessing one squad’s triumph over another, and the winning team’s joyous celebration—these were some of the glimpses of the much-awaited Revels’ Gaming Event. The event took place in the MIT Innovation Centre from 10th April till 16th April, having contests for all major popular PC and mobile games ranging from Battlegrounds Mobile India and Call of Duty: Mobile to Rainbow Six Siege, Valorant, and FIFA to satisfy all the gaming enthusiasts of MIT. Around 500 students of the college participated in various solo and multiplayer gaming events with the goal of showcasing their insane and over-the-top gaming skills to everyone.

The gaming events were conducted on multiple rounds on all the days of the fest. Students formed teams of three to six members before participating in the games. FIFA players had their own consoles provided to them. Many students of MIT and other MAHE affiliated colleges came to the event arena as spectators to watch the thrilling gameplays. During gameplay, participants were constantly strategizing with their fellow teammates to outsmart their rivals.

Among all the potent teams clashing against each other for triumph, Team Iconic, Kle Tech, Flux Reganade, and Nearest Airport finally succeeded in winning the finals for R6 Siege, BGMI, CODM, and Valorant, respectively. “The adrenaline rush that persisted throughout the game was one of the most thrilling experiences I’ve had,” said Aryan Anand Gupta, the winner of FIFA. The Gaming event provided gamers with an excellent platform to exhibit and cherish their finest gaming skills and strategies, providing some exciting, nail-biting matches for the crowd to enjoy.

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