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Frugal Innovations – An Artist’s Impression


The best reward for an artist is recognition.

This is exactly what the Music and Fine Arts (MAFIA) club in collaboration with Print and Publications (PnP) had in mind when they hosted “Tech Graffiti” on the 26th of September, 2015. The event was open to all students and was a platform for student-artists to display their talents and get a chance to showcase their abilities within the campus. The theme for the competition was the same as that of Tech Tatva ’15, ‘Frugal Innovations’. The participants were given a duration of one hour to come up with a strong idea and present it on paper. Their works were then presented for judgement by the members of MAFIA and PnP. The creators of the best entries would be awarded a chance to paint on a pseudo wall which will be displayed in the campus during the course of Tech Tatva.


After its recent success with the karaoke night, MAFIA was delighted to host Tech Graffiti. As an artist, one would like to leave his or her print in the campus and that’s what motivated the club to come up with such an opportunity for the students. In collaboration with MAFIA, PnP encouraged students to light up the sparks of imagination as a part of Tech Tatva. Being the primary mass communication body responsible for the publication and promotion of Tech Tatva, PnP plays a key role in the success of one of the largest tech fests in India. Besides printing posters and circulating them in and around Manipal, they also paint walls and floors around the campus capturing the essence of Tech Tatva. Future plans for PnP along the road include creating a huge vertical portrait of Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam on the wall of AB2. This year, Pnp made a smart move in not only providing the students with an excellent opportunity but also, in the meantime, utilizing the creativity fluttering within.

NLH-304 was masked with silence, broken only by the scratching of pencil on paper as the participants gracefully produced the images, they had in mind. Anyone who happened to witness the unfolding of any one of the several beautiful art pieces in that room could not help but wonder about the amount of creativity that the participants had bustling in them. At the end of the stipulated hour, the judges had some taxing decisions to make.


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