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From the Setting Suns of Yore to the Rising Suns of Youth



Barely two days had gone by since the students bid farewell to their hometowns and dropped their luggage in their hostels. The second day of 2016’s even semester saw the Student Council running helter skelter, to prepare for the birth anniversary of the monastic guide and son of India, whose words have been a continuous source of inspiration to the torch-bearer of every generation, or more simply, the youth.

January 12, 2016 saw the celebration of the 153rd birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda, as ‘National Youth Day’. This venerable man’s birthday saw a simple celebration as a small audience of students and teachers, all decked up in their ethnic avatars, sat to listen with rapt attention at the enigma of the life of Swami Vivekananda.

Dr Veena Maben gave the welcome speech and invited Professor KJ Kamath and Professor Geetha M to light the lamp. Professor Kamath, in a gesture befitting the day’s title, described his wish to light the lamp with the seated students, who he fondly described as the ‘rising suns’ whereas describing himself and the other faculty as the ‘setting suns.’

What followed was a volley of speakers, as they imparted Swamiji’s ideas and teachings. Professor Satyakam presented a short presentation on Swamiji’s quotes, besides narrating two stories from his life that shaped him into the leader he is known for.

The stage was then taken over by student speakers from Blank 101, narrating little known facts about his life and work, and attempting to connect some of his philosophies to the dilemmas of a regular youngster of today.DSC_0423

Another student speaker, Sagar Oberoi, went on to address the audience in Hindi. Rajath Kamath, dressed up
as the Vivekanand himself, enacted his world famous speech at the Parliament of the World’s Religions, Chicago, “Sisters and brothers of America…”

The celebration concluded by Professor KJ Kamath’s address. Re-emphasizing the relation between a student and a teacher as being similar to that of a rising sun and setting sun, he addressed all the rising suns with lessons to be learnt from Swami Vivekananda’s life. The event was wrapped up by a vote of thanks by the Student Council.

An unostentatious and august ceremony that matched the honorary’s life perfectly. Kudos to the Student Council for a smooth celebration arranged at short notice that still managed to make it two hours well spent.

Afternote: The day also marked the birthday of Dr Veena Maben, and the entire room revelled in cheering and singing the birthday song for everyone’s favourite professor and the Associate Director of Student Welfare.

Photo Credits: Bhargava Nidamarthy, The Photography Club

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