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A Fresh Start-The 23rd Convocation of Manipal University

An aura of bittersweet nostalgia took over KMC Greens on the 20th of November, 2016 which marked the second day of the 23rd Convocation of Manipal University.  With the advent of graduation season, came a feeling of pride at having achieved one of the biggest milestones in the lives of the students present there. Occasionally grooving to the background score being played at the venue, the soon-to-be graduates and undergraduates arrived in their black gowns and hats, accompanied by their proud parents.


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The master of ceremony, Miss C.V. Mathew hosted the evening with grace. The occasion commenced with a ceremonial procession by the flag bearers of the various constituent institutions of the University. The main attraction of the evening, however, was the chief guest for the occasion, Dr. Rajeev Suri, President and CEO of Nokia, and one of MIT Manipal’s most famous alumnus. Needless to say, the who’s who of Manipal University were present to grace the occasion.

A graduate from the batch of 1989, Dr. Suri mentioned two major inflection points in his speech that mold today’s world; one in technology and the other in the established world order. The dramatic changes that became evident from his graduating year to the present became the basis of his speech. He emphasized on the fact that globalization was one of the most integral aspects that persisted in the last century. Passports, which was a rarity for a few, eventually became a necessity for many. Opportunities within the country and overseas popped up, global trade became substantial, multilateral agreements were put in place among different countries, people were lifted up from extreme poverty, new jobs were created, and productivity increased.


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Since his graduation, the world has seen a period of peace and prosperity relative to earlier eras. Dr. Suri conveyed the message of always learning the best from the past and to move forward into the future with all might and strength. Experience in life had taught him these valuable lessons, which he willingly passed on to the young aspiring minds seated in front of him. A total of 5,260 students were conferred with the graduate degree from various institutions under the varsity. Thereafter, the oath taking ceremony took place wherein the graduates dedicated themselves to excellence, integrity, and professionalism.

Often, excitement for the future seems to be tempered with the fear of stepping into a world that is strange, unpredictable, and scary at times. But the confidence and will to break the inertia of fear and doubt came forth in all the students as they stood at the threshold of one of the biggest changes in their lives. The road of life is long and, at times, lonely. We congratulate them-and their families-on getting to this day, and wish them good luck in their future endeavors.

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