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Freak Show―Freaks 101 by Blank 101


Freak 101 by Blank 101 was a public speaking event designed to enlighten the audience about various mythical creatures and superstitions. Held at NLH 305 on 23rd August, the event saw a decent turnout despite the fact that first-year students couldn’t attend it due to the interaction ban.

The event had eight speakers―Shreyas, Aditya, Sruthi, Avryl, Anusha, Gururaj, Ankit and Ranjan. Over the course of an hour, they spoke about the legends and histories of the Bigfoot, the Yeti, werewolves, dragons,  witches, vampires, mermaids, zombies, and the Kappa―the Japanese river demon. They also debunked superstitions and myths such as the ominous implications of black cats crossing your path, cutting your nails at night, and the effects of solar eclipses on the human body. “Freak 101 was very interesting and informative but what stood out is the brilliant way in which the speakers told their stories. A lot of effort was put into it and it showed”, said Tezraj Kashyap, a second-year Biomedical Engineering student and audience member at the event.

“I’m happy with the turnout, especially considering that no freshers were here. The audience was like a Tarantino movie―unique but same”, said Aditya Chacko a third-year Chemical Engineering student and one of the speakers of the event. “Our choice of topics are completely random. We choose topics that are interesting and haven’t been covered yet. Since we wanted to capitalise on the Marvel hype, we started out with superheroes, then moved to the supernatural, and finally ended up at myths. So we took a big deviation”, he said, when asked about the inspiration behind the topic for the talk.

The stories and possible explanations behind each superstition and creature were explained lucidly and humourously. The speakers effortlessly kept the audience enthralled for the full duration of the talk by combining their oratory skills and frequent use of humour to maximum effect. All in all, the event proved to be very informative and entertaining.

Image credits: The Photography Club, Manipal

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