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Former MAHE Students To Start Pet Cafe in Manipal

Manipal is expected to soon see the opening of a pet cafe, the first of its kind in the town. The building for the cafe is currently under construction and is located on the End Point Road. The place will look to attract and serve pet owners and dog-lovers in Manipal, in line with the idea behind other such places in cities around the world that allow customers to interact with various animals.

The pet cafe under construction

The owners, Chirag Shetty and Sujith Shetty, graduates of MIT and WGSHA respectively, expect to have the pet cafe running by the middle of August. They plan to have around half a dozen trained dogs of their own for people to interact with. They will also look to serve pet owners, with services including dog boarding and grooming, pet accessories and food. They also plan to have a consultant vet and eventually start breeding and sale of dogs.

“We’ve always loved dogs, and it was kind of like an obsession with them. We’ve always wanted a lot of dogs and also wanted to start up something of our own, so this was the perfect way for us,” said Chirag Shetty, talking about the motivation behind the initiative.

The duo will look to the student populace as customers, recognising the existence of a large number of people who love dogs but are unable to raise one due to hostel and apartment restrictions. The pet cafe could tap into this situation by providing a good place for such people to spend time with the friendly canines.

Featured image: Freepik