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Flying Colours―Art Café by Artpod


Art Café by Artpod, which was held on 11th November at Hadiqa (previously Egg Factory), gave students the perfect opportunity to take a break from their exam preparations and get creative. Every participant received a canvas, a few brushes, and some colours to paint with as they munched on Hadiqa’s comfort food, while soothing live music helped set the tone for the evening.

“This event is one of the few opportunities for artists to get together and paint, so I decided I’d come and try my hand at painting. The ambience of the place is just perfect for art”, said Sai Ujwal Gorji, a 4th-year mechanical engineering student. The Art Café saw quite a sizable turnout, consisting of both seasoned artists and rookie painters who wanted to experiment dabbling with colours. A variety of artworks ranging from landscapes and caricatures to abstract paintings was produced by the painters. “There are full-fledged art cafés in New York, and a similar concept exists in Bangalore. We felt that it would be great if we could do this here in Manipal, especially with the end semester exams coming”,  said Vaaridhi Mathur, co-founder and President of Artpod, when asked about the idea behind the Art Café.

“My parents own the place, so Artpod approached me to have the Art Café here. We’ve had a few events such as musical nights here in the past, but they were quite messy in terms of organisation. This event, on the other hand, is quite well organised and went off smooth”, said Aaina Amin.

Participants got their pictures taken with their artwork after they finished painting. The Art Café allowed people to enjoy some good food and music and most importantly gave them an opportunity to get in touch with their artistic side. In a digital era where people usually gaze at their phone screens while waiting for their food to arrive, the Art Café was a welcome and rejuvenating change.

Image Credits: Pranav Virmani and Debanshu Pani, for The Photography Club, Manipal.

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