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Fitness Freaks Assemble — Mr. MAHE

School Of Life Sciences (SOLS) held Mr MAHE — the MAHE intercollegiate best physique and bodybuilding competition on 26th of February in the MIT library auditorium. The competition was one that focused on bodybuilding and fitness and was held to crown Manipal’s most able-bodied and robust man.

The event was inaugurated by the lighting of a lamp by the guests of honour and the chief guest — Dr Ullas Kamath, Dean of Melaka Manipal Medical College. Shortly after that, the judges explained the rules of the competition and followed it up with a live demonstration of Farhan Habib, a national bodybuilder and runner up of the contest, Mr Karnataka. The competition consisted of four categories, and 13 participants were divided based on the following weight groups— below 55 kg, 55-60 kg, 70-75 kg and above 75 kg. The winner of each individual division went on to battle it out for the title of Mr MAHE.

Each participant had one minute for free posing wherein he could exhibit his physique. Later a common round was held for all the participants in their respective weight bracket to flex a specific muscle or muscle group as requested by the judges.

A lively and energetic crowd cheered the competitors on, as the fitness enthusiasts of Manipal gathered under one roof to witness this competition. The finalists were Tejasvi Shetty (SOIS), Rehan Riyaz Sheikh(MIT), Mohammed Nazad Farooq(SOAHS), and Sampreet C.P. (WGSHA). Tejasvi Shetty went on to win the title of Mr MAHE 2019.

Tejasvi flaunting a most muscular pose after receiving his title

“Bodybuilding is a tough sport. Most of them start prepping months in advance. Their physique is a reflection of their dedication and hard work”, said Likhith Shivaprasad,  Joint Sports Secretary of MIT’s Student Council. Mr MAHE provided a platform for these individuals to show the world the sheer grit, determination and hard work they have put into maintaining and toning their physique. The competition was also a celebration of fitness and inspired a slew of youngsters to take up gymming as a hobby and to work out regularly.