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A Fireside Chat with Dilip Chhabria – LiveBlog

Designer. Innovator. Motorhead. Dilip Chhabria, founder of DC Design, has built a career on modifying cars. Now, he’s coming to Manipal for a Fireside Chat. The Post LiveBlog of the event airs at 1900 hours on September 30th. We’ll keep the car seat warm for you till then.

Amit Shah September 30, 20166:45 pm

Full House. Empty stage. The atmosphere is palpable here at Fireside.

Sanat Mharolkar September 30, 20166:49 pm

The symphony being played on the speakers cannot soothe the excitement and restlessness in this crowd.

Amit Shah September 30, 20166:54 pm

Mr. Chhabria has entered the auditorium, and is now seated alongside dignitaries from MU and MIT.

Amit Shah September 30, 20166:56 pm

And ThinkTank is dressed none too shabby.

Amit Shah September 30, 20166:58 pm

ThinkTank is set to start in 5 minutes, because it doesn’t run on MIT time.

Sanat Mharolkar September 30, 20166:58 pm

The cameras are rolling, the lights are off, the guests have been acknowledged. We’re all set!

Amit Shah September 30, 20167:05 pm

Rwik Kamilya on stage: “Guys, we’ll be starting in exactly one minute. Please be seated… and… that’s it.” *leaves stage*

Amit Shah September 30, 20167:06 pm

Abhay Sahni, president of The Think Tank, takes the podium.

Sanat Mharolkar September 30, 20167:06 pm

He introduces The Think Tank and what it does, and invites the guests to the stage.

Sanat Mharolkar September 30, 20167:08 pm

The Director receives huge applause as he takes the podium to deliver the welcome address.

Amit Shah September 30, 20167:08 pm

The chief guests take their seats on stage. They include:

MIT Director, Dr. GK Prabhu
MU Vice Chancellor, Dr. H Vinod Bhat
Mr. and Mrs. Chhabria
Sanat Mharolkar September 30, 20167:09 pm

The Think Tank applauds the loudest as the Director asks for a round of applause for TTT for organising this event.

Amit Shah September 30, 20167:12 pm

Sanat Mharolkar September 30, 20167:12 pm

“We’ve beaten the record for the turnout seen for a guest talk at 7 pm” – Dr. Vinod Bhat

Amit Shah September 30, 20167:14 pm

“I’ve never seen this hall so full. Wait, there’s Byju’s as well…”

– Dr. Bhat
Amit Shah September 30, 20167:17 pm

Reports have just come in that photographers rushing to the stage will beat the land speed record of DC Avanti.

Sanat Mharolkar September 30, 20167:18 pm

“The Think Tank guys are cute to work with. Thank you for having me as your faculty advisor”

Amit Shah September 30, 20167:20 pm

It’s been so long since I’ve heard the acronym DC being used in a good light.

Sanat Mharolkar September 30, 20167:21 pm

DC walks off the stage (to the audience’s confusion), to allow The Think Tank to prepare the stage for the Fireside chat.

Amit Shah September 30, 20167:25 pm

“I’m hoping for 400 questions – the wackier the better.”

Mr. Chhabria
Sanat Mharolkar September 30, 20167:26 pm

DC presenting to the audience what DC Design is, before the chat begins.
“We do things only for the wow factor, not revenue.”

Amit Shah September 30, 20167:27 pm

“We love to brag that we’re a paranoid organisation.”

– DC
Sanat Mharolkar September 30, 20167:29 pm

The speed of DC’s presentation of the slides can probably be beaten only by Avanti. He does have a lot of designs to show, after all.

Sanat Mharolkar September 30, 20167:31 pm

DC on the DC Ambie project – “A fine way to convert an eyesore into something beautiful”

Amit Shah September 30, 20167:32 pm

Pictures of DC Designed Cars are eliciting illicit sounds in the audience.

Amit Shah September 30, 20167:36 pm

DC Designed this for a sheik’s aircraft. Rumor has it that he was paid in multiple aircrafts.

Amit Shah September 30, 20167:37 pm

Mr. Suhas Kowshik takes the stage with DC.

Sanat Mharolkar September 30, 20167:38 pm

Mr. Chhabria congratulates MIT for sustaining such a large number of students and maintaining the college on such a large scale. Thank god he didn’t visit the FC.

Amit Shah September 30, 20167:39 pm

Mr. Chhabria’s mic was barely audible, and Mr. Kowshik replaces it. “Technical difficulties are common to technical colleges”, the latter remarks.

Sanat Mharolkar September 30, 20167:40 pm

DC says he wouldn’t like to compare his college days to MIT. “I never attended classes, I’m sure these young people are not in the same realm”

Amit Shah September 30, 20167:42 pm

“I was not in college (didn’t attend class) because I was pursuing my hobby. And there’s nothing wrong with that,” DC says to the dismay of audience members who just thought truancy was greenlit.

Sanat Mharolkar September 30, 20167:42 pm

“What was I in school? I was an extremely and painfully shy person, with an inferiority complex.” Who would’ve thought.

Amit Shah September 30, 20167:43 pm

“If you’re shy, shout about it.”

Sanat Mharolkar September 30, 20167:44 pm

“WHOO……oo” go the cheers. That’s shy people for you.

Amit Shah September 30, 20167:45 pm

“My parents would have to paint the walls multiple times because I would draw on them while making car sounds. I was obsessed with cars.”

Amit Shah September 30, 20167:46 pm

“Rather than role models, you preferred car models.”

Mr. Kowshik remarks about DC, to his glee.
Sanat Mharolkar September 30, 20167:47 pm

“I thought cars were made by engineers, I didn’t know there was a career in design” – the person who made car designing cool.

Sanat Mharolkar September 30, 20167:48 pm

“My father used to manufacture electronics components.”

That’s reassuring for us ECE guys, we might have a son who becomes famous.
Amit Shah September 30, 20167:51 pm

Candid moment on stage.

“sir, did you have girlfriends in college?”
“I did. Doesn’t everyone?”
The crowd is silent.
Sanat Mharolkar September 30, 20167:51 pm

“My girlfriend in college strengthened my inferiority complex by dumping me very fast, which helped me succeed. So guys, if you want to be successful – get dumped”, says DC to tremendous applause.

Amit Shah September 30, 20167:55 pm
Mr. Kowshik: Girls in the audience, please raise your hands. Sir, you see, our sex ratio is good.

DC: Do you get all boys to join this college by showing off this ratio?

Rollin’ down the street, in my modified 6 4
Sanat Mharolkar September 30, 20168:02 pm

“I was expected to be an entrepreneur, not an automotive entrepreneur.” Life is funny.

Sanat Mharolkar September 30, 20168:06 pm

Mr. Kowshik announces a short break for 10 minutes, TV style.

Amit Shah September 30, 20168:24 pm

And we’re almost back from the break. First years have received an extended perm time till 10:30.

Sanat Mharolkar September 30, 20168:30 pm

“If I were to approach a customer like Shah Rukh Khan, I would come off as needy. My son just comes up and doesn’t take his calls.” Way to go. Now we know how DC gets those big numbers.

Sanat Mharolkar September 30, 20168:38 pm

DC finds the process of inspiration quite simple, once you’ve got good knowledge about the subject. Now I know why I didn’t get very good grades in drawing class in class 5, in school.

Amit Shah September 30, 20168:39 pm

Fun fact: DC designed the Bond car, Aston Martin V8 Vantage.

Sanat Mharolkar September 30, 20168:40 pm

James Bond and DC sounds like a cool combination. Do we have any writers around?

Amit Shah September 30, 20168:43 pm

“The DC Avanti. Why the feminine name?”

“Don’t you refer to everything desirable as feminine?”
Sanat Mharolkar September 30, 20168:50 pm

Fun fact : 1.6 million man-hours were needed to develop Avanti

Amit Shah September 30, 20168:50 pm

“Why are your designs so expensive? Why don’t you design something for the common man? Why don’t you lower the prices?”

DC: “Why do you want me to come down to your level? Why don’t you come up to my level?”
Sanat Mharolkar September 30, 20168:52 pm

So, no cars for the common man from DC Design. Can we at least get toy models?

Sanat Mharolkar September 30, 20168:55 pm

Mr. Kowshik : “So I’ve learned you’ve also designed cars.”

Mr. Chhabria : “Nope.”
Mr. Kowshik: …
Amit Shah September 30, 20168:58 pm

“What’s your favorite design?”

DC: “My favorite design is always the last one. You’re still in that trance. It’s like love – you’re always in love with the latest crush.”
Sanat Mharolkar September 30, 20169:00 pm

“You’re not born with anything. You need to pick up what you love, work on it, embrace it, keep loving it, and work for long term.” – Wise words of advice from DC.

Amit Shah September 30, 20169:02 pm

Now accepting questions from the audience.

Shirley (from the crowd): “I’m not sure about my passion. What do I do?”
DC: “Do you want to be rich or poor? Do you want a good standard of living? Answer that question, and you’ll figure out what your passion is.”
Sanat Mharolkar September 30, 20169:05 pm

“Lack of time is the biggest obstacle I feel I have faced.”
Engineering students know all about that.

Sanat Mharolkar September 30, 20169:14 pm

Question: “Why does DC Design charge so much for matte paint?”
DC: “What do you do when you want to discourage something you don’t approve of? You charge a bomb!”

Amit Shah September 30, 20169:15 pm

“When you fail, you realise that you’re not God.”

Did DC just apologize for Batman v Superman?
Amit Shah September 30, 20169:21 pm

The Think Tank just teased TEDxManipalUniversity!

Amit Shah September 30, 20169:22 pm

DC still hasn’t left the stage, and The Think Tank teases their next event. Guys, the body isn’t even cold yet.

Amit Shah September 30, 20169:23 pm

Just kidding though, TEDx here would be amazing. 29th January, next year.

Sanat Mharolkar September 30, 20169:23 pm

Looking forward to TEDx next!

Sanat Mharolkar September 30, 20169:24 pm

And that ends the Fireside chat with Dilip Chhabria.

Sanat Mharolkar September 30, 20169:24 pm

This is Sanat Mharolkar and Amit Shah, signing off.

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