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Finding Light in the Darkness

In a bid to spruce up the start of the even semester, the Psych Club decided to conduct an event that seems to read like the beginning of a Psychological Thriller. Since our first judgement on seeing someone is primarily based on physical appearance, ranging from looks to expressions, the event, cleverly titled ‘ Blindfolded Conversations’, tried to see how differently a ‘first conversation’ between two people would play out if the visual element of judgement were removed.

Tying Blindfolds

On arrival, blindfolds were tied around the eyes of the participants, and they were then made to sit facing a partner, with whom they could converse freely. To take this a step further, participants were even instructed against sharing their names with each other and to only do so at the end of the conversation. To request a new partner, all they had to do was to raise their hands. While some people felt slightly uncomfortable talking to someone new without any visual contact, others felt fairly uninhibited conversing without the oppressive dread of judgement, thus making this an exciting event for everybody present.  As one of the contestants, Geeta Sarayu said, “Blindfolded Conversations was very refreshing as it gave me a new perspective”. With the blindfold on I felt more comfortable than usual, which I felt was intriguing. Truly a different experience”.

No Judgement during 'Blindfolded Conversations'

Previously having faced inconveniences at their usual location in the Venugopal Temple Park, (when a cow and her calf had begun charging at participants) the organisers decided that this time, the event would be held under the evening sun on the shrubbery behind the Innovation Centre. While there thankfully weren’t any cows in sight, hilarity ensued when some dogs started barking nearby, and the participants in blindfolds, unable to judge how far the dogs were, got terribly alarmed.

The Vice President of the club, Arjun Suri was very pleased with the more than satisfactory turnout and the massive positive response, confident that the event would continue to be a huge success for the Psych Club in the future. Even more pleased, however, were the newly recruited first years, many of whom were organising an event of this scale for the first time.


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