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Festive Impact—Treasure Hunt


As part of Festive Impact, the Manga and Anime club held their own edition of a treasure hunt, spanning over three days—from 28th June to 30th June. The contestants were tasked with beating 21 unique levels, each comprising of a riddle about a specific location within the fictional realm of Teyvat in the popular open-world role-playing game Genshin Impact.

One of the riddles given to the participants during the Treasure Hunt. [Image Credits: The Manga and Anime Club]

The organisers primarily communicated with the participants through Instagram’s platform, while the entire event was held over Discord. As soon as a contestant solved a riddle, they attained a promotion to the next level. The moderators kept a keen eye to make sure no participant used any untoward means such as messaging each other in an attempt to gain positions. However, they were allowed to freely browse the internet. Additionally, hints were occasionally provided to aid the participants in their quest to obtain answers. To bolster fair play and make things interesting, any participant catching someone in the act of violating rules was granted a bonus hint.

Riddle given on Level 14 as the participants were trying to rack their brains for answers. [Image Credits: The Manga and Anime Club]

A total of 13 participants signed up for this one-of-a-kind adventure, and among them, the three people who solved the riddles in the shortest time were awarded prizes. The contestants racked their minds and applied their first-hand experience of playing the game in order to achieve victory. The winner was given the ‘Blessing of the Welkin Moon’, which is a 30-day subscription granting 300 Genesis Crystals and 90 daily Primogems. The runner-up was awarded two packs of 60 Genesis Crystals, while the third-place prize contained a single pack of 60 Genesis Crystals. Prajit Sivakumar bagged the first prize, while Kushwanth Reddy came second, closely followed by Aman Prasad in third place. “It was pretty hectic, but also fun. We got to see many creative solutions to the riddles from the participants and also enjoyed making them. Their responses and their enthusiasm were our driving force for making this event a big success.”, said Stephen James, one of the organisers of the Treasure Hunt. The online mode of the event did little to hamper the enthusiasm of the organisers and participants. The incredible work from the various organisers and the technical team ensured a smooth and successful event.


Featured Image Credits: The Manga and Anime Club.

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