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Fest Preparations in High Gear

With less than two months to go to MIT’s cultural fest, the Core Committee and the Student Council are already months-deep into their quest for excellence. The committees are working in full gear and have pushed many deadlines ahead of time. A few changes to be noted this fest are the merging of similar categories and the reduction in the number of events, in efforts to increase the amount of prize money up for grabs.

“This year’s show will be a greater success than ever before. We have not finalised the complete line-up yet, but we have some potential artists on the list. We won’t be making the same mistakes that occurred last time,” promised Pro-show CC Parth Viradia. “When someone asks me who’s coming, I just say ‘I’m sure all of you will,‘” he replied on being asked about keeping the line-up a secret till the unveiling.

The final Organiser Call began on 10th January and will end on the 12th. The atmosphere in the room was palpable with nervous energy, as two hundred odd 2nd-year students waited for the selection process to begin. The interviews were being conducted using a combination of QR codes, preference forms, and colour-coded charts, the Revels team having gone paperless.

“The Core Committee itself has a feeling inside them that this is their last fest and they want to make it better than ever before. They are producing many new ideas this time around and it was their plan to go paperless. The council needs the Core Committee, and the fest cannot go on without them,” said Cultural Secretary Riti Sharma.

The Core Committee members introduced their categories to the waiting audience one-by-one. Some presentations gained raucous laughter from the audience. Info-desk branded itself not as the Bhikari (beggar) Committee, but as the committee that people would come to willingly and part with their money. Vigilance was met with the loudest cheers as they wrote their self-imposed label #chaud on the blackboard, their selling point being that their movements and actions were not restricted by anyone else. The Cultural Category Dramebaaz promised a special surprise to its organisers if they decided to join the category.

One of the new categories in this year’s fest, the Film Festival, gives cinephiles a chance to show off their flair for films. This category will include events such as film-making, movie screenings, Mad-Ads and product shoots. This year, the debate tournament MIT-DT, previously organised as a separate event in the odd semester by LDQ, will occur under Revels, bringing in around a hundred to two hundred more participants.

The Sports category will be inaugurated on the sports field for the first time. Publicity for this category will increase with the display board outside the IC displaying live scores during the matches.

With the organiser call on in full swing, excitement for Revels ’19 has begun to build in earnest. MIT is poised for two months of extensive preparations and hard-work from this year’s team of organisers and core committee members. While most features of the fest remain the same, the few changes that are in the works promise to make Revels ’19 an event to look forward to.

Edit: This article has been updated due to an error regarding the Sports Club’s involvement.