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An Evening for Wordsmiths—A LitSoc Meet by LDQ

The Literary, Debate, and Quiz Club of MIT organised their first LitSoc (Literary Society) meeting of the semester on 22nd August. After a slew of classes and assignments, club members gathered in AB-5 at 5:45 PM, where they put pen to paper and let their creativity run free.

With a time limit of thirty minutes, participants had to choose from a set of writing prompts. The open-ended prompts including—“As the night turned to day, the truth became slowly clear…” and “We’re all pretty bizarre, some of us are just better at hiding it”—gave the writers a lot of scope for creative thinking. During the first twenty minutes, the organisers announced a ‘challenge’ at every fifth minute that the writers had to incorporate in their writing. One such challenge was using a metaphor, onomatopoeia or a sound word, and antonyms in the same sentence. Students had the final ten minutes to conclude their writing.

We didn’t want to go with the usual creative writing format that just involves choosing a prompt and writing about it. Although this kind of writing challenge wasn’t an original idea, it was tried out in our Literary Society for the first time. We felt that it would really test how writers can maintain the flow of their thoughts even with all the unexpected challenges thrown at them“, said Sanjana Suresh, one of the organisers of the event.

A participant enacting a movie in a round of charades.

A few rounds of charades followed the writing event. The students were divided into teams and had to guess the movie that their teammate was enacting. The second round of charades consisted of participants guessing the name of a song, rather than a film.

“This was the first meet under the new board. I had attended a writing event in IIM-B, so it was nice to see people being exposed to similar events in Manipal”, said Vishrut Kumar, a second-year student. The event was wrapped up with a game of Taboo, and the students left with a renewed sense of passion for all things literary.

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