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An Evening Of Debate—iOS vs Android by Blank 101

“The battle between Google and Apple has shifted from devices, operating systems, and apps to a new amorphous idea called ‘contextual computing’. We have data spewing factories, and the only way to make sense of it all is through context”,

These are the words of Om Malik, a renowned web and technology writer, which received meaning on the evening of 14th January in a debate organised by Blank 101, on iOS vs Android, two of the biggest phone operating systems in the world. A part of their ‘Talk it Out Tuesdays’ sessions held at Chillspace, this event highlighted the key distinctions between Android and iOS with people from both sides debating the pros and cons associated with the two. With a satisfactory turnout, the event witnessed speakers from Apple Developers Group and OnePlus Manipal engaged in a casual one-on-one conversation about the various technical aspects behind the design of the two OS.

Over the course of the next hour and a half, they discussed their views and experiences with different devices supporting the Operating Systems. They deliberated over the diversity of features present in both, their utility by people of different age groups, the type of markets they aim to attract, compared the level of security offered by both, and their effectiveness in meeting customer satisfaction. They also spoke about the different versions of each Operating System, discussing in-depth the drawbacks and advantages of each.

I may be in a technical institute, but I’m not as technically sound like a lot of people around me. I’m an iOS user who owns an iPhone, and I may have my biases at places, but this debate was really informative for a layman like me. I got to learn so much about the operating systems. However, with my personal experience, I really love what iOS has to offer”, said Layana, a third-year EEE student who was a guest speaker at the event.

It was a really good experience. Even though I knew what was going on on both sides, I still got to learn a lot more because people have different views and people have different ways of putting it. They have different opinions and sources so the moment you take a group of people who have opposing ideas and put them in a group, I think everyone has a learning opportunity. Even if your opinion at the end of the day has not changed, you still go out feeling better. That’s how I felt! I felt better knowing that I picked my side for a reason and I still stand by it, but then the other side also was really good”, said Praneeth, a third-year Mechatronics student and the main organiser of the event, when asked about his stance on this debate.

Loaded with friendly jabs at one another, each speaker spoke eloquently and authoritatively, ensuring full participation and keenness from the other members. Even the people who weren’t tech enthusiasts were actively immersed in the conversation and thoroughly enjoyed it. A highly informative and interesting event, it enlightened the minds of all present, whether or not their perspectives on the operating systems were revised.

Featured Image Credits: TechAhead

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