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Engineering A Better World


 “When engineers think they can pull people from below the poverty line to above the poverty line. They can turn a developing nation into a superpower.”- Dr V. Dillibabu

Engineers Without Borders held its first event on the 24th of September, 2016. The event was a prelude to what we can expect from Engineers Without Borders in the future. For this event, the freshly minted club had invited two scientists from the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), Professor V.Dillibabu and Dr. Manjunath, both of whom are also members of EWB Bangalore.


Picture Courtesy: Shiprak Sinha; Photography Club,Manipal

The first half of this interactive session was conducted by the scientists, who elaborated on what it was like to be a ‘societal engineer’. While Prof. V Dillibabu’s presentation focused on the technical aspects of undertaking a project, such as ‘how to start?’ or ‘where to go for funding?’, Dr. Manjunath’s presentation concentrated on ideas for innovation. One of the highlights of his presentation was when he spoke to students on the possible alternatives for energy, ranging from solar energy panels to tidal energy. Both presentations were interspersed with videos, graphics, and real life examples, all of which made the event more collaborative and interesting to witness.


Picture Courtesy: Shiprak Sinha; Photography Club,Manipal

The second half of the event pivoted to student projects. The students of the institution presented projects that they were currently working on including a civil engineering project undertaken by a PhD student of MIT that is an affordable refrigeration unit ‘Pot Peltier’ for rural India. The level of intricacy and research involved in each of the projects was a testament to all the time and effort the students put in. All of the projects were cross questioned by both Prof. V. Dillibabu and Dr. Manjunath to gauge their feasibility as well as highlight the areas where improvement was needed.

Engineers Without Borders’ Manipal chapter also showcased a project that they are currently working on i.e. a sanitation project in Pragati Nagar. They aim to provide fully-functioning commodes to the town of six hundred. With altruistic goals such as these, one can only wait and see what they come up with next.


Picture Courtesy: Shiprak Sinha; Photography Club,Manipal

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