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The End Semester Playlist [Odd Sem’21]


Worried about exams? The Post is here with a playlist that alleviates your anxiety and jump-starts your preparations.

With the cumulative effort of the Staff, the playlists were carefully curated after numerous hours of listening to an assortment of genres. They are a perfect blend of productiveness and relaxation for your caffeine breaks, the never-ending group study sessions till dawn and the not-so-fifteen minute power naps. Our Study Playlist is the perfect choice for prolific study sessions, while the Unwind Playlist focuses on a more laid back ambience, slowly easing into a serene vibe with a few festive tracks to match the time of the year. Without leaving anyone’s genre of the year out, the playlists cater to all needs, be it rock, K-Pop, rap, indie pop, instrumentals, or alternative. We understand that the End Semester examinations are a tough time and hope these playlists enrich your all-nighters and last-minute revisions.



Study and Unwind playlists curated by Aditya Narayan and Devangshi Debraj.

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