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The End Semester Playlist [Odd Sem’20]

This exam season, the Post is here with a soundtrack for everyone.

Carefully curated after days of listening to some wonderful suggestions, the playlists are ideal for burning the midnight oil, studying until the crack of dawn, or taking a well-deserved break. Our Instrumental Study playlist is the perfect background for productive study sessions. The Unwind Playlist, whilst creating a relaxing ambience at the beginning, slowly accelerates into more energetic beats, finally easing into songs with a more tranquil vibe. The myriad of musical genres intends to cater to everyone’s needs, be it rock, K-Pop, rap, indie pop, instrumentals, or alternative. We hope these playlists help you breeze through the End Semester examinations and power you through those numerous all-nighters along with necessitous amounts of caffeine.


Study Playlist curated by Sagarika Seshagiri and Jahnvi Singh

Unwind Playlist curated by Shirley Asangi and Diya Talwar

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