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Emerging Technologies in Solar and Wind Energy

“In the future, solar applications will reach all households and industry – but the challenge is to develop technologies to increase overall solar system efficiency, as well as inspire proper disposal of solar panels”, said Mr. Chandra Mauli Kumar (Additional General Manager, Tata Power Solar, Bengaluru).

Mr. Kumar was the Chief Guest of the National Workshop on Solar and Wind Energy, organised by the Department of Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering, and Dr. Shashishekar Adiga (Senior Principal Engineer, Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology, Bengaluru) was the guest of honour. He highlighted how, in the future, a single energy device is going to meet our energy requirements for various applications – just like nowadays mobiles have replaced many products like calculators, music devices, and cameras.

Dr. B H V Pai (Joint Director MIT) stressed on the need to go for renewable energy, considering environmental factors. Dr. G K Prabhu mentioned the need for conduction of such workshops and further added that MIT already implemented solar power applications at a few major buildings.

More than 100 delegates from various industries and institutes participated in this workshop. It included lecture sessions of resource persons from industry and institutes – as well as practical demonstrations at the Renewable Energy Center of MIT.

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