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All Ears—A Public Speaking Workshop by Blank 101


Blank 101 has yet again set a benchmark when it comes to public speaking, presentation and speech delivery—held in NLH 202 on 26th January, their first-of-its-kind workshop on public speaking expounded on the art of rhetoric to its very last detail with immense participation. The workshop consisted of two subcategories. 

The first one had experienced speakers give insights into their own methodology in various fields of speech. The audience learnt the techniques of data authentication, slide presentation, the indentation of facts, structuring the script, among others. Delving into the presenter’s psychology, they not only discussed the common errors a speaker makes but also suggested methods to improve upon them. The perfection of voice, speech tone, body language and facial expression were demonstrated using examples of famous personalities like Steve Jobs and Barak Obama.

Examples of eminent personalities had been discussed.

The second category focused on the application based learning,  wherein participants were asked to deliver a speech keeping in mind the things they had learnt at the workshop. A quick evaluation by both the audience and the presenters was done thereafter. “I have heard this all my life that I lack concentration, a bold personality and confidence but no one till now had told me how to improve. I loved the in-depth research they had done”, said a participant.

Ankit Baral, the General Secretary of the club, was overwhelmed to see the large gathering. According to him, “One can read tens of books on how to talk yet gain not an inch of progress. And they do it all the time.  The most crucial lesson is to provide an opportunity to implement the same. Application-based teaching is our priority. You should learn how to use what you know and when you do that, you never forget it.” A public speaking workshop such as this helps in building a confident personality and gives one’s thoughts a means of powerful expression while setting one on the path to speaking without fear.

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