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Digital Dhobi : Click your Clothes Clean

Digital Dhobi is an app whose basic aim is to provide laundry services to people on the go.“Because you have better things to do” say the Digital Dhobi team, explaining the app’s utility. The student team launched their app on the 17th of November, 2016, at Fortune Valley View Inn in Manipal, in an event graced by dignitaries including the Director and the Chief Associate Director of MIT.

The app launch was conducted well and served to provide to the audience all the details about Digital Dhobi, a professional laundry service that picks up and delivers one’s laundry, everything from their socks to their bed sheets and shoes.

During the launch, Chandan Singh and Ashutosh Mishra, the founders of Digital Dhobi, enlightened the audience about the app and the struggles that went into making it possible. Having been students themselves, it was evident that they clearly understood the problems students face when it comes to dealing with chores such as laundry. Digital Dhobi was their solution to these problems. The event was concluded by some inspiring words from the two founders of the app, and the Director of MIT.

Working with the app is simple and requires no prerequisites or paid membership. All the client needs to do is register, which can also be done through one’s Facebook or Google+ account.

Once the registration is complete, the user can set in the address for the Digital Dhobi team to come and collect laundry. A wash is scheduled and the customer is given a choice of delivery time and type of wash (regular or premium). The time can range from a super fast seven hour service to maximum delivery time of forty eight hours. An option called ‘Repeat this order’  allows the user to repeat their preferred order for subsequent washes, circumventing the redundancy of having to re-enter their preferences every time.

The modes of payment that are offered include Cash on Delivery(COD) and ‘Pay from Wallet’. The Pay from Wallet option is an online mode of payment wherein money is paid from the user’s online Digital Dhobi Wallet.

The app also provides a price estimator which provides the customer with an idea of the amount they need to pay for the clothes given. For instance, the cost of getting one shirt laundered would be estimated to around Rs.14, while dry cleaning services would come up to around Rs.200 for one complete suit.

One of the biggest reasons as to why Digital Dhobi can serve as a huge relief to students is the assurance of a clean wash, with clean water and safe detergents, it gives its clients.

The Digital Dhobi team is currently teamed up with Manipal University and plan to expand its business to all Indian colleges and universities to provide a hassle free laundry service to students and scholars across the country. Digital Dhobi’s goal is to provide quality service with professionalism, transparency, and convenience.

The app’s interface gives users little to complain about. However, it faces a challenge in getting people to use the online laundry service since many potential customers remain comfortable patronizing existing local laundry services.

Digital Dhobi is a revolution that depicts how technology can impact our daily lives to make things facile. One click is all it now takes to have your clothes washed, ironed, and delivered at your doorstep. Apart from this, the fact that Digital Dhobi does not dislocate the local laundries here makes it stand apart. Simple and user-friendly, Digital Dhobi has all the potential to be a fantastic success.