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A Designer’s Den–Dribbble Meet 2018

IECSE’s Dribbble meetup began with a small crowd of amateur graphics designers, illustrators and artists on 24th October 2018. The excitement in the air of NLH 302 was palpable. With numerous fun activities planned, the event kickstarted with an introduction to the concept of Dribbble and its basic concepts.

Photo credits: The Photography Club, Manipal.

Following a brief talk about the importance of this event and how it transcended typical graphics designing, participants were taken through many designs that incorporated the Dribbble text and logo creatively blended into a given theme.
The tasks of the workshop were handed out to the participants after this demonstration. Each student had been given a sticker while entering, which bore a team number. After grouping themselves into teams of about 5 or 6 members each according to these numbers, each team was assigned the task of creating their own Dribbble.

Unlike the previous meetup, where the participants were introduced to the design software, this edition took a creative turn, with one member from each team stepping forward to collect materials in a manner reminiscent of The Hunger Games. Sketch pens and pencils flew around as the participants tried to incorporate the Powerpuff girls into their creations within 45 minutes. All hell broke loose when the organisers added another theme to the Dribbble about 20 minutes in.

Photo credits: The Photography Club, Manipal.

After about an hour of helter-skelter, each team came up with their completed creation and presented it. By successfully incorporating SpongeBob and PowerPuff girls into their designs, Team 2 took home the laurels. The meetup was a fun breather from typical technical workshops, and another edition is certainly anticipated.