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Dept. of Physics – National Workshop on Recent Trends in Clean Energy (RTCE)

Date: 19/5/17 and 20/5/17

Dr. T.M.A. Pai Endowment Chair in Clean Energy and Department of Physics jointly organized the National Workshop on Recent Trends in Clean Energy (RTCE). Prof. Ashok Rao was the convener and Dr. Mahesha M G was the co-convener of the event.

Prof. G Mohan Rao (Department of IAP, IISc Bangalore) delivered the keynote address on the topic “Material issues in the development of micro batteries”.

Dr. Nalini G Sundaram (Materials Science Division, PPISR Bangalore) spoke on “Design of nano-materials for sustainable photo-catalic processes using solar energy”.

Apart from these talks, there were oral and poster presentations by faculty and research scholars of various institutions. About 75 participants from academia attended the workshop – and twenty research papers (on the preparation and characterization techniques of different materials) were presented.

These materials find applications in harvesting energy through photo-voltaic, thermoelectric and piezoelectric methods. Research papers were presented on concepts like piezo-driven vehicles.

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