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Decoding Measurement – A Sensor Technology Workshop by IE E&E

One of humanities greatest challenges has always been measuring things accurately, and the goal of the sensor technology workshop was to make it easier for students to be able to complete this challenge. The event, based on the field of electronics, was a two-day workshop that took place on 28th and 29th January, 2019.

The first day was supposed to give the students a basic overview of the Arduino development environment. Students were asked to simulate the Arduino environment on a website, where they were taught simple tricks like making LEDs blink and working with buttons, along with sending and receiving signals. The hall was filled with curiosity and interest as everyone was focused while learning and fiddling with their virtual Arduinos.

The workshop was geared more towards the programming of sensors on the second day. Along with a few basic functions in the Arduino IDE, the students were taught a few Python-related functions. They were also taught how to connect the Arduino to the sensors and how to extract the data from the same. The implementation of data was an important step that was added towards the end. In conclusion to the workshop, the students were given a basic overview of all the sensors that exist in the modern world of technology and were also briefed on the uses of each sensor. The workshop was mainly an interactive session that increased the attendees’ knowledge in the respective field by helping build their foundations on sensor technology.

“I had come here expecting to learn a lot more about sensors and how to use them than I did, but I ended up strengthening my roots in the world of Arduino instead”, said Arman Chisty, a student who attended the workshop out of interest in the field of electronics.

Image Credits: Manipal The Talk Network (MTTN)

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