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Cutting the Edge of Printing Technology through Innovation and Research – Department of Printing and Media Engineering


MIT’s Department of Printing and Media Engineering organized a seminar under the ‘Knowledge Enhancement Series’. Mr. Kiran T Prabhu (AGM R&D of Manipal Technologies Ltd.) delivered the lecture.

Dr. Amrutharaj. H .Krishnan (Head of the Department) delivered the welcome address. Mr. Kiran – in his lecture – stressed on how important it is to adapt to the requirements of the customer in order to provide solutions to them. He said that the four basic activities of Manipal Technologies Ltd. (MTL) in the R&D section are: Basic Research, Applied Research, New Product Development and Processing, and the need to collaborate conventional printing with new technologies while mentioning printed electronics and their applications.

He emphasized on the major role of new recruits in the R&D department and the significance of trying to acquire knowledge beyond boundaries. Elaborating on the blend between print and electronic media, he added that it has led to radical inventions such as interactive magazines.

Finally, he concluded his lecture with a strong message saying “life is short and sweet but it is riddled with uncertainties. So, it is best to take things up and try them out as there is no harm in progress”.

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