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Virtuoso | Sharad Mathur

Virtuoso in Crescendo was a solo-instrumental competition conducted on the first day of Revels. Held at the quadrangle inside AB-1, the event saw a small crowd of excited students ready to cheer for their friends. Since it was an individual contest, no backing tracks or filters were allowed; only a single performer with one instrument was permitted. There were no genre boundaries, and they were encouraged to explore as many musical styles as possible.

The event was an incredible show of talent, featuring a wide variety of instruments, genres, and playing styles. Participants proved their musical dexterity, playing everything from Indian classical Tabla to mesmerizing renditions with violin and electrifying guitar solos. Despite having some technical difficulties along the way, the event emerged as one of the highlights of the day, with its mystical melodies echoing through the halls of AB-1.

One participant observed, “The most beautiful thing about the event, undoubtedly, was seeing students supporting their friends while standing in the hot sun, waiting patiently and passionately, cheering them on.” Virtuoso turned out to be a huge success and set a high bar for upcoming music competitions at the fest.

Beatboxing | Shatakshi Mishra and G Sathvik

For the first time in Revels history, Beatboxing by Crescendo gave Manipal’s incredibly talented beatboxers a stage to battle it out against each other. It celebrated the force of vocal percussion like never before. Having the esteemed guest judge Calvin Menezes, an alumnus of MIT and a veteran at playing the drums, only elevated the event’s spirit.

The event was fascinating from the very beginning, with the audience swooning to the beats of the contestants, each of whom brought enthralling bangers to the stage coupled with innovative tongue-in-cheek stage names, such as “COD by day, CBD by night”. The performers let out whistles and pops and used various beatboxing techniques, which many audience members were unfamiliar with, but could appreciate nonetheless. One participant, who goes by ‘The Joker’, made the iconic one-liner of the antagonist into a mashup culminating in a mind-blowing five-beat combination which was thoroughly enjoyed by the viewers.

Overall, the Beatboxing competition was well-conducted, and everything transpired smoothly. The event has set a benchmark for the young beatboxers who pursue this distinct musical art. As a new experience for the viewers alike, it was a delightful event for everyone involved.

Transcendence | Arundhathi Ravi

Transcendence, an open mic event organized by Crescendo, was held on the Day 3 of Revels. After being postponed by a day, the event took place on a bright afternoon at the Student Plaza centre stage. Even with a thin audience, the open mic attracted participants who came to share their talent and have a taste of their popstar aspirations.

From soulful ballads to thundering drum solos, the wide variety of talent was on display for everyone to see. Some artists even performed multiple numbers, thus giving the atmosphere a concert-like feel. With the sunset adding to the ambience, the mood shifted to a more soulful one. Each participant was applauded immensely irrespective of their act’s genre, instrument, or language. The mesmerizing rendition of Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day was one of the most rousing recitals of the afternoon.

Pradhi Agrawal, the event anchor, said, “There were so many good artists. I think it was the perfect stage for showcasing your talent and overcoming your stage fright. Even with less audience, it was a fun event to be a part of.” The true purpose of the event was achieved, which was to create a safe space where students could connect with their inner selves as well as others through the power of music amidst the ongoing chaos of the college fest.

Revels Idol | G Sathvik

Revels Idol, the official singing competition of Revels 2022, presented a vocal ensemble of some of the best singers in MAHE. The event took place in Academic Block 1, in the presence of a large crowd of grooving students, organisers, and visitors gracing the event with loud cheers for all the participants.

The event took place in two rounds. The raw talent and sheer enthusiasm that marked the event seemed to test their own standards progressively. Each participant showcased their range, from the most intricate appoggiatura of their melodies to the simplest of renditions, resounding through the spectating souls.

The judges of this event were all accomplished musicians and singers in their respective domains. With years of experience, they ensured the best critical enunciation of participants while offering them constructive criticism for them to further hone their skills.
Overall, the event won the hearts of everyone involved in the competition with the harmonious symphonies and melodious voices that made the evening a delightful one.

Shazam | Sharad Mathur

Shazam was an exciting and challenging musical contest held on the 3rd day of Revels, testing contestants’ knowledge of both popular and lesser-known songs and music. The first round had around 25-30 people. Through multiple rounds of intense quizzing, the number of contestants was eventually cut down, and the questions got more challenging.

In round one, ‘Guess the song’ and ‘Guess the lyrics’, the participants were required to identify songs through lyrics and snippets. For Round 2, there were 12 people left standing with the highest points after the demanding initial phase. This round was held in NLH; the teams sat together and were made to use a virtual buzzer to make the quizzes more competitive.

“A lot of students felt that listening to a wide variety of music had paid off, and their knowledge of the most obscure of artists and songs was finally being put to good use,” one of the contestants noted. Shazam was an event tailor-made for the chronically online music fans of our generation showing off their expertise at musical trivia. The event turned out to be a huge success and was one of the most interesting and fun-filled contests in the category.

Battle of the Bands | Arundhathi Ravi

One of the most talked-about events of the fest—Battle of the Bands by Crescendo, was held on the last day of Revels at AB1 quadrangle. 11 bands went head-to-head to take the spoils of the competition, which took place over one round. A panel of three judges critiqued them on technique, coordination, stage presence, tempo, and complexity. Most bands opted to perform their original compositions, which won them some bonus points, while others played iconic rock numbers such as “Sweet Child O Mine”.

The talking point of the event was a band from NIT-K, who made it by the skin of their teeth by arriving just 10 minutes before their set! Delayed by an exam but not discouraged, they nailed their performance, securing the first place.

“Meeting so many enthusiastic, talented musicians and having conversations with them about something so dear to me was a treat. It was also really nice to interact with all of the outstation bands. They were all super excited to be in Manipal and performing in front of a new crowd,” remarked Agastya Gummaraju, the Event Head of Battle of the Bands. The music aficionados amongst the crowd cheered as they felt their hearts thump with the adrenaline-inducing passion of each band as they performed their hearts out.

Rapsody | Shatakshi Mishra and G Sathvik

Rapsody, essentially a play on the term “Rhapsody”, refers to the ecstatic manifestation of the inner rungs of humankind but presents it in conjugation with the musical form we’ve all come to love as rap.

Held adjacent to Academic Block-3, Rapsody tuned the very spirit of the Ruby Jubilee of Revels 2022, marking 40 years of the quintessence that Manipal is. Much like a mirror to Epic Rap Battles, participants faced each other for an allotted time of 2 minutes. Any form of profanity or explicit lyrics were strictly banned from being showcased in the performances.

Between a participant’s well-crafted rhythms with a lyric of “Get Back Up” and a Dental Sciences student performing a rap in Hindi, the event set the bar high for all such events in the future. As participants “out-rapped” each other in successive performances, Rapsody concluded amidst a loud cheer.

Image Credits: Photography and Videography Department of Revels’22

Featured Image Credits: Social Media and Graphics, Revels’22

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