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The Cream of the Crop—MIT Cricket League Auction

The MIT Cricket League kicked off its fourth season on 14th January with a fresh roster of extremely talented players spanning across all four years. The fourth edition of the MITCL was focused on increasing participation and encouraging more first-year players to showcase their skills. Keeping this in mind, certain adjustments were made into the drafting process to actualise the idea.

The roster was designed by the members of the MIT Sports Club, who had organised a try-out for the League. The selected players from the try-outs were included in the list of potential players. The final list comprised of two categories, one was called the ‘Elite List’ which contained the names of all the MIT Cricket Team players, and the other had the list of shortlisted players from the try-outs.  Unlike the previous League, this year’s drafting process, although inspired by the Indian Premier League, strayed from the virtual money auction idea. A more wholesome technique of drafting was developed, which was initially viewed as controversial but was later unanimously accepted.

The event began with the team managers drawing team names out of a bowlthe team name drawn by the manager now became their team, and they were required to appoint a team captain who was selected by another lucky draw. Soon after this, the drafting was in session. The order of drafting seemed to be a little complicated at first, but the Sports Club ensured that they overcame the initial hurdles of comprehending the process and the rest of the event ran smoothly.  The selection of players for the six teams proceeded in a randomly generated sequence. For the first round, the first team in the sequence got the first pick and the second team got the second pick and so on. For the second round, the first team got the sixth pick and the second team got the first pick of the round. As a rule, the sixth, ninth, twelfth and thirteenth rounds of the draft were restricted to only first-year students. The MIT Sports Club members were patient and resolved all queries regarding the procedure throughout the drafting.

As the event proceeded, one could sense the excitement of the selected players and the anticipation of the players yet to be called. Silent murmurs among the players and team captains raised the tension in the room. By the end of the event, each team had fifteen players, all set to battle it out on the field to emerge as the winners.

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