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Cosmic Splash — Virtual Reality Art With Vinay Hegde

Cosmic Splash was held under m.i.l.a.p 2019 at the TMA Pai Auditorium on 9th November. Created by artist Vinay Hegde, the programme featured the use of virtual reality, combining art and technology to create breathtaking visual performances. Donning a VR headset and gripping a set of controllers, the artist gestured his hands in the form of streaks, poking around and giving rise to invisible shapes in thin air. Simultaneously, appearing by his side, were intricate developments of a design on a large screen, reflecting the view displayed within his visor.

Having worked with numerous forms of art from a young age, Vinay Hegde spoke about his journey and inspirations through brief orations that were interlaced between his performances. The artist created ten depictions that portrayed concepts such as devotion, the elements of nature, the spirit of Karnataka, and ended with an ode to keeping our country clean and green. After the conclusion of his performance, an interactive session that accepted questions from the audience was held. In this session, the artist spoke about the challenges he has faced, such as scepticism about his work and opposition while defining new forms of art that conflicted with orthodox norms.

The artist went on to talk about the impact technology has on creative fields, as well as its potential in expanding upon the genres of art and performance. Referring to the rapid growth of technology, he mentioned that the novelty of such art forms and the awe it inspires can often be fleeting. This, however, bears no reason to demoralise Hegde, who described his rejection of a long term or short term perspective, in favour of one that lives by the present.

Audience members were often left speculating the end result of an art piece, only to find themselves surprised, as they witnessed a creation that was contrary to their expectations. “I was thoroughly surprised to find that the portrait turned into a Ganesha after believing that it would be a Krishna for so long”, said Aditya S, a member of the audience.

Besides Cosmic Splash, Vinay Hegde has conducted programs on concepts such as photo-luminescence, glue-based art and sculpting.  Skilled at various art forms and having worked with graphics and animation, he continues to seek out innovation and fuel creative impetus in the fields of visual art and performance.

Image Credits: Raksha Shenoy & Ishan Raj.