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Consulere—Revels ’22

Shark Dank | Vismay Kumra

As the most popular event Consulere offered, Shark Dank gave budding entrepreneurs an opportunity to mix their wits and business skills. Teams were provided memes and images using which they had to create a product and pitch it, Shark Tank-esque. They were given three minutes to brainstorm their best idea, followed by another three minutes for their pitch.

One of the products pitched was “Buff Glasses”. The group had received an image of a platypus, sunglasses and the “distracted boyfriend” meme. The group’s hilarious pitch was that if the customer would stare at other people in the presence of their significant other while wearing the glasses, they would get caught. The entire event had the audience guffawing at the absurd and random pitches.

Applauding the organisers for their effort, a participant named Aryan remarked, “They managed to make a formal event into a very inclusive and informal event where everyone was having a great time. Even though I didn’t win, the fun I had here was a win in itself.” Shark Dank was a laughter-filled event and one that every attendee will surely remember for a long time.

Bidding Wars | Vismay Kumra

In a bid to create what could have been a worthwhile event, the opening show of Consulere was anything but. Bidding Wars was held in a gameshow format where the participants were given a script of an investment journey and an initial corpus. They could use it to bid on companies, stocks and mystery lots. Teams were to be eliminated every few rounds using filters such as minimum purchases, maximum amount spent, and purchases from specific categories.

However, owing to miscommunication between the organisers and participants, the rules of progressing to the next round remained vague. Many teams spent nearly the entire amount allotted in the starting bids itself. Desperate to keep the game going, the organisers were forced to provide an additional 10 crores to every team.

The rest of the event felt like the recreation of a stock market crash. It was a comedy of errors from the get-go. Spectators left frequently, as the lack of effective management muddled what could have been a stupendous event. One can only hope it will be managed better the next time around.

Image credits: Photography and Videography, Revels’22

Featured Image credits: Social Media and Graphics, Revels’22

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