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Con Artist – True Enemy or False Friend?

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of a con artist is memories of indelible classic movies such as ‘Catch Me if You Can’ or ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’. The allure and mystique with which Leonardo DiCaprio’s character fleeced countless innocent victims of their fortunes made his profession seem, however briefly, ever-so-tempting to try.

The turnout was large, and they were not disappointed. Credits: Blank – 101.

With their presentation, ‘Con Artists – 101’, the members of Blank-101 gave their audiences a glimpse into what distinguishes a con man from a con artist. Rather than beating about the bush, they commenced with a captivating introduction by an experienced member of their staff, Mohammed Rauhaan. He elaborated on what makes the art of hoodwinking so ingenious.

One has to rely on their ability to be artful and duplicitous so as to give their target what it is they desire, while also benefiting oneself. The cornerstone upon which this craft is built bases itself upon the preclusion that we all believe ourselves infallible to being tricked. In order to succeed, all con artists go by a list of commandments which comprise rules such as – always be a patient listener, never be untidy or inebriated, avoid discussion on illnesses et al. 

The presence of interactive speakers kept the audience engaged for the most part.

Of all the presenters that day, none were as outspoken as Mrigakshi Sharma. The gusto she had for the topic, which was her own brainchild, was evident through her adeptness in holding the audience’s gaze. Her attitude was infectious, as it swiftly spread through the crowd, whose eyes lit up as they fixated on her.

Thus, with the conclusion of the presentation, the members of Blank-101 gave everyone present a taste of what was expected – if one wishes to be a part of them. Following this, the club opened itself to recruit those still gallant enough to give it a go.

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