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Colours of Jazz

“Jazz music is a language of the emotions.”

– Charles Mingus

The Jazz Explorer Trio, presented by the Cultural Coordination Committee, in association with Spicmacay, performed a soulful evening of jazz that kept their audience rapt throughout the show. With many original compositions, the musicians gave the audience an opportunity to connect with them through their music. With Lars Miller on the saxophone, Jonas Johansen on the drums, and Thor Madsen on the electric guitar, the triad showcased a brilliant set, that was appreciated by jazz enthusiasts as well as novices to the genre.

Thor Madsen, Jonas Johansen and Lars Miller of the Jazz Explorer Trio

The fast-filling auditorium was soon unable to accommodate the additional standing audience, who were a representation of the enthusiasm exhibited by the college towards this event. People arrived to the event, all with different sets of expectations. These expectations were all met and surpassed, to say the least. Opening with a fast-paced piece, the Trio showed-off a well-thought-out show, finding a delicate balance between lively and melancholic compositions. Jazz in itself is a musical genre which boasts of improvisation and freedom of notes, paired with the harmonious irregularity of beats. The musicians on stage presented the essence of this genre with a deep understanding of the music, and this was evident to the listeners.

In an attempt to symphonize the music with the people, the Trio catered to the audience, by playing Indian Skies. This composition, influenced by Indian ragas and rhythms, was received well by the crowd. Finishing as strong as it began, the event ended on an energetic and slightly eerie note with the composition Phobia, leaving the audience intrigued and wanting more.