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Climbing the Tree to Placements—The Data Structures Workshop

In the midst of all the furore that comprises college life, getting a decent placement is a recurring concern for most students with their college activities often focusing on making them a more eligible candidate. Irrespective of a student’s branch, basic coding knowledge is a must-have for most company recruitments. On the 28th and 29th of March, in an effort to target the placement experience, a collaboration between IEEE and GirlScript brought to students a workshop on Data Structures.  Problems related to data structures are frequently asked, and the two-day workshop catered to this requirement by focusing on two particular types of data structures—Linked Lists and Trees.

The first day of the workshop skimmed through the basic concepts and theory of data structures, after first brushing through the initial concept of Pointers. The talks covered the topics of memory allocation and the basics of linked lists, followed by a comparison with arrays, before moving on to trees and types of trees. After a thorough explanation of the concepts, the day ended with the organisers skimming through the codes for insertion, deletion and searching with respect to both linked lists and trees.

Credits: Vidisha Shah

The second day was more dynamic, with hands-on coding for which the participants had to bring their laptops along. After a quick tutorial on the concepts, a few simple problem statements were covered. This was followed by a session of competitive coding, where the participants were faced with intermediate and hard problems, some of which were the questions asked during actual placement interviews.

While the participation was rather low, the workshop was certainly necessary.  “We really wanted to conduct this workshop, because Data Structures are very important for placements. We contacted our peers at IEEE, who also felt the need for this, and collaborated with us,” said Vidisha Shah, the Chapter Head of GirlScript.

The workshop successfully gave the participants relative mastery over the concepts it aimed to put forth. With placements being one of the foremost goals for students, the well-executed workshop certainly proved effective.

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