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Clean as a Whistle – Local Volunteer’s Clean Up Drive


AIESEC’s newest endeavour, the Local Volunteer program, has its roots on the issue of working for the community. Through volunteer services, they wish to bring about changes in and around Manipal. With that aim in mind, they held their event- The Clean-Up Drive. The purpose of this event was to ensure solid waste is managed in such a way that protects both public health and the environment.

A total of thirty-five people showed up at Tiger Circle at 10 am, from where the group went to RC Ground, and Rajeev Nagar in Manipal to clean the place. The team distributed garbage bags and gloves to everyone and they immediately started the process of cleaning the field.  The Local Volunteer’s team leader Daksh Tawakley spoke about the trash that gets generated every year and how that affects our environment, and ultimately, us. The audience was dumbfounded as he revealed that close to a million animals, and over hundred thousand sea animals die because of littering and reminded everyone present of the importance of properly disposing of garbage.

Everyone held on to their nerves of steel to pick up the dirty pile of garbage and put it in the bags. A few brought portable Bluetooth speakers which made the entire process fun and lively. The garbage littering the field ranged from used cloth, broken glass bottles, plastic wrappers,  and other non-biodegradable substances to half-eaten food with flies hovering around it. The drive that lasted for two hours was strictly open to members of AIESEC in Manipal University. The Local Volunteer programhas been made open to all and AIESEC believes that it would make a positive impact in Manipal.

A small area of the ground before it was cleaned

The land after it was cleaned

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