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Cinema 101—A Backstage Perspective on Films


Behind The Scenes and Blank 101 hosted a live session on films, film directors, and its various nuances on 21st November 2020.  The talks went live on YouTube at 6 pm, with over 200 people tuning in to watch the show. The video has received 257 views on Blank 101’s YouTube channel. Speakers from Blank 101 and Behind The Scenes spoke briefly about different genres of films and their filmmakers. The motive behind this event was to talk about something that the people would relate to in the present times. “Cinema and storytelling is something that bonds everyone across all ages and generations. Plus, during the pandemic, people have taken to online entertainment, which adds to the relatability,” remarked Anusha YG, the President of Blank 101, when asked about the event.

The first speaker, Nischal Jain, presented his views on a much-loved movie of the present times—Spider-man: Into the Spider-Verse. Beginning with the famous quote—with great power comes great responsibility—he went on to mention the sheer amount of work done by 177 animators across four years that made the movie possible. He also explained the differences between the photorealistic approach and the comic book-themed style of film-making adopted in the movie.

Shranya Shrivastava spoke about Bicycle Thieves, a movie that shows the post-war distress amongst the working class due to a lack of employment. Revolving around a bicycle that is the only means of income for a poor man, the movie depicts the struggles faced by the working class in leading a normal life. “Film makers used stories that showed the vulnerabilities of the poor working class—even in their happiest moments, tragedy lingered around them like a ghost for the economically weaker sections,” she said, basing her statements on the well-scripted post-war drama.

The godfather of Indian Cinema, Satyajit Ray, completely revolutionized film-making during his era. Ravitej Reddy spoke about one of the greatest persons ever to have graced the Indian film industry and his attention to the minutest details. Having the ability to convey exactly what he wanted from his team, Satyajit Ray was also bestowed with numerous awards, said Ravitej Reddy, as he summed up his talk.

The speakers spoke about Satyajit Ray and his widespread impact on modern cinema, backing up their points with images of his successful movies. 

The Oscar-winning film, Parasite, was dissected piece-by-piece and the work behind its creation was explained by Sysha Sharma, the next speaker at the event. She spoke about the different theories speculated by the audience and also informed the viewers about the various techniques used in modern film-making.

Perfect Blue, a Satoshi Kon animated film, is rather peculiar, according to Sharan A. He explained to the audience the basic idea of the film and how an earthquake destroying the studio led to the movie becoming an animated film. He pointed out the similarities between animated films and Hollywood movies from the modern film-making point of view.

Sabarish Padmakumar elaborated on how the French innovated film making after the wars ended. While talking about the French new wave, a film making movement that spread across France and beyond, he kept the audience engaged with his hilarious take on the topic. He focused on various aspects of the ‘revolution’ that caused a large number of old and overdone films to be dug up and then recreated as new and improved movies.

The speakers had chosen their topics well and kept the viewers engaged throughout the session as they explained the working of the film industry. Despite being an online event, the streamlined organisation and proper execution led to this collaboration between the two clubs being a grand success. This will definitely set the tone for more such joint ventures that educate and entertain in the future.

Featured Image Credits: Blank 101

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